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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )

WIX vs WordPress vs SquareSpace: Why WordPress Is Better Than WIX Or SquareSpace

WIX vs WordPress vs SquareSpace and There are SO many articles on this subject.  If you want to grow a business, don’t use WIX! It’s handy for hobby sites or anyone not really serious about creating substance. But if you want to grow a business, stick with WordPress and hire a WordPress Developer if it’s overwhelming.

Is WIX Good For SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization; it helps google find your site and put it higher up the rankings. WIX SEO. WordPress allows you to fine tune all details which are relevant where ranking your website organically is concerned.

Is SquareSpace Good For SEO?

SquareSpace SEO feature is not as good as WordPress. SquareSpace actually does offer little bit of SEO then WIX to do well in search engine results but not even in near to WordPress in terms of SEO. You’ll require coding for SEO with SquareSpace, which is burden for beginners and small business owners.

Difference Between WIX And WordPress:

WIX is proprietary and WordPress is opensource. WIX controls everything including your website and WordPress doesn’t own anything. If WIX closes down you are left with nothing. WordPress can’t be closed because its open source software maintained by developer all over the world. Automattic(The organization behind WordPress) is working very hard to make WordPress even more compatible for end users. WIX can increase the prices 10 times, WordPress can’t, It’s free and open source. With WIX, you select a theme, you’re stuck with it. No turning back. Also, the markup is custom, so you will have a hard time making revisions.

WIX Vs WordPress Vs SquareSpace: Google Loves Which Platform?

Google love WordPress that is why WordPress based website quickly comes in search ranking. Also, WordPress give you full control so you can optimize everything where on WIX and SquareSpace you cannot.

WIX Or WordPress Or SquareSpace: Which Is Better for Blog and Small Business Website?

WordPress is the best solution for any blog or small business website in the end. When the tech is too much for you, why not have a good designer create you a site that you only have to put content in? You can even have the designer do this for you on a website care plan.

When to Use WIX or SquareSpace?

The only reason I would recommend WIX or SquareSpace would be if you have no technical knowledge or do not want to customize your site. If you just want to use the prebuilt modules that WIX SquareSpace designs for you then it is fine for simple sites to get things started. Again, if you don’t want control of anything and you plan to stay on WIX forever (with their servers, their setup, their environment) and you don’t mind being locked in then I guess it’s okay, WIX is for you.

Why I Don’t Recommend WIX Or SquareSpace?

My major reason I don’t recommend WIX Or SquareSpace it is that of owning your content. Once you put your site up it is hard to move it to another platform. It can be done but not without a lot of work. Plus getting started costs a lot. Over $300 just for hosting. If you do it yourself your hosting is less than $150 depending on where you go. And if you add Elementor or beaver builder page builders then design of the pages are simple. If you run into any problems with WordPress hundreds of WordPress community and Facebook groups can help you.

WIX or WordPress or SquareSpace: Question to Ask Before Choosing Any Platform:

What is it that you are trying to build? Is it brochure website, an eCommerce site, a learning system (LMS) or something else? How important is it to be “found” on the internet? Who is your market? Will you be marketing to people on the internet who will visit your site? Will you be building an email subscriber list? Will your website be making money or just bringing you traffic that you may direct to a physical location? If answer to this question is affirmative then WordPress is the CMS you should go with.

WIX vs WordPress vs SquareSpace: Which One for Profit Driven Business?

It comes down to whether or not you have a profit-driven business that needs more leads and customers or if what you are doing is a hobby that you don’t really care about if it comes to an end. If what you are doing is just a fun hobby, like drawing pictures of water-skiing rabbits or something, and you don’t care if it makes money or not, then WIX is fine. If you want to build a business and get more referrals, donors, customers, than professional web design done independently of censors and controlling organizations that limit what you can and cannot do is required. This is just how business operates. I see it every day where “entrepreneurs” build “free” DIY sites and then wonder a year or two later why no one is calling them. It’s because they have no skin in the game.

WIX and SquareSpace, The Limitations of Not Using WordPress:

WIX and SquareSpace is a beginner’s DIY tool for simple websites. There are a lot of limitations, most notably, when you cancel your account you lose your website content. WordPress is a professional tool that can be used to make simple or robust websites. There is a steep learning curve for most beginning users to build a WordPress site but when you are on the truck it just awesome. If you ultimately want to use WordPress, there are lots of folks at all different price levels that can help you out.

Clients Testimonial About WIX Who Moved to WordPress With the Help of AskWP:

I started with WIX, thought it was great as it was very user friendly, have the ability to start a site from scratch or use a template and modify it how you want, can create multiple sites and transfer them to clients or keep them in your ownership and add them as a contributor (they can add content etc.) There is actually a lot you can do with WIX surprisingly but once I was introduced to WordPress and started learning it intensively along with design and coding coursed to expand my knowledge and will be staying with WP as I love the freedom and flexibility with it.

Justin Sonnenta

WIX vs WordPress vs SquareSpace: The Ultimate Platform To Start:

Consider using WordPress with a flexible WordPress theme in combination with a Visual Page Builder like Elementor page builder. With Elementor making a page building very visible, like WIX, but they stay open source.  The free version of Elementor should cover most (or all) of what you need. ELEMENTOR page builder is much simpler for newbies than the default editor. DIVI Theme and DIVI Visual Builder is another plug-in for WordPress. It’s similar to Elementor Page Builder, but you only pay one time. $249 gets you the Lifetime updates, Lifetime support, Unlimited site developer license. DIVI Theme and DIVI Page Builder Is Recommended to Very Small Business with Very Few Updates over Time.

Where to Learn WordPress?

You should try watching YouTube video tutorials on WordPress? They may be easier to follow than an article.  Udemy provides the largest collection courses from beginner to advanced WordPress. Learn how to write posts, add or remove WordPress plugins, install themes.

How Much WordPress Website Cost?

WordPress is free, but the web hosting (where you will store your files) and WordPress themes and WordPress plugins which is required to do things fast are going to cost a few bucks. As a beginner the web hosting might cost $60-$100 for a year.  Get a builder like Elementor, DIVI, or Beaver Which will cost another $60 bucks and buy a good WordPress theme costs nearly $50 bucks to start with.  We recommend using Thrive Architect as a WordPress Page Builder with GeneratePress WordPress Theme and Gravity forms to get some conditional forms. So much easier than battling with the free stuff. I mean if you have the time for the learning curve, great. But if not throwing money at it does work.

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  1. Christina Gwira
    May 16, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    I know web designers who build beautiful websites on Wix… and web designers who build beautiful websites on WordPress… and beautiful websites on SquareSpace… and beautiful websites on Shopify. In short, use what you use, make this money, go your way.

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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )