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  1. I’ve used X WordPress Theme On Some Of Clients websites and it was not bad. The support is awesome, the users community very supportive. I had also used Avada WordPress theme clients so as per their recommendations. Both are popular and both are huge themes with everything you could ever want stuffed in them. And that’s what i hate most. Themes are for layouts not functionality. WordPress plugin should be used to extend the functionality not WordPress theme. X Or Avada, Both are all in one WordPress theme which i don’t recommend.

    I worked with X. It’s maybe easy to use then Avada! X theme comes with their own page builder cornerstone. With it you can simply drag and drop elements on your website but i don’t like and recommend it. Avada comes with their page builder named fusion builder which i also neither like nor recommend to anyone. You might want to know best and most populer WordPress theme we use and recommend for all.

    Based on your asking you might also want to take a look at DIVI WordPress theme by ElegantThemes. For a or two year i also stopped using DIVI for my clients websites but it’s much more better and has lots of vale then X or Avada.

  2. One of the things I really like about Divi is that it doesn’t install or suggest any other plugins or add-ons. One of the things that bother me with a lot of premium themes is that they ask you to install a bunch of plugins to make it work properly. Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, Etc. Divi works just fine right out of the box.

    Visit Divi Theme

  3. Avada vs x theme:

    They are both multi-purpose themes designed for folks who don’t know how to code. They both do their best to minimize CSS and function edits, but of course, do not do everything. Your biggest trouble will be finding where settings are, probably just like you experienced with X. The main reason you should consider Avada is if you like how it looks on the front end. Support does darn well consider their level of support requests for out of scope issues. I think they’re both solid on the mobile front. I think X makes it easier to mark a section “Don’t show on mobile” but don’t quote me. I’ve only Avada a few times. But they both render nicely and as you’d expect on all devices.

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