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  1. X Theme With Elementor:

    I went back to one of my x theme sites today to make changes, very different compared to elementor. With X/Pro you don’t really need Elementor as X has Cornerstone builder included. It’s a great setup. For Elementor sites, I’ve started using Astra free theme. It’s a great combo too.

    I used to use the X theme, I have ditched it for Beaver Builder and Astra Theme. I still have sites built on x theme, when I get time I will build them over again. I used X Theme ONLY because I didn’t know about Astra, and GeneratePress back then (and they’re all massively better now anyways). Also, we now have Beaver Builder Agency and Astra Agency, so yeah, no point in having X Theme at all, but I still have it on my main site because all my core pages were built with it before I knew about Beaver Builder.

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    Astra vs x theme:

    I was using xtheme before I switched to Astra and honestly I rebuilt like 3 sites mid-development using Astra in a few hours just because it was easier. Didn’t tell anyone and no one noticed on the front end. Unless its an overly complex site just rebuild it!
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    X Theme vs Divi:

    Years ago I used X and it was really bad. But I think it changed significantly since, and may even be totally different than it was. I use Divi exclusively. I don’t know if it has improved substantially since then but I checked out X Theme and Cornerstone page builder about a year ago and it wasn’t nearly as easy to use as Divi. I convinced the client to switch to Divi.

    Cornerstone Page Builder:

    Cornerstone builder is horrible but you can opt for a visual composer if you prefer. I’m fairly sure you’re tied to cornerstone if you import their pre-made layout, though. Divi theme is better.

    X Theme Pricing:

    Started with X theme, it’s good but the licensing costs are ridiculous if you make a lot of sites. Haven’t looked back since switching to DIVI.

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    Themeco X and X Pro

    Themeco’s “X” and “Pro” absolutely crush anything else I’ve found. The scalability, page load speed, and support just make them second to none in my book. Elementor, wpbakery, beaver builder, Avada, all were trash compared to X or Pro.

  2. My X Theme Review: Why I no longer use X Theme?

    I stopped using x theme and pro theme last year as I think they lost their way and it became an overcomplicated theme, with a lot of issues updating at the time. Astra + Beaver Builder does the job the majority of the time now and I have never gone back to using X.

    x theme support

    I think I’ve built something like 40-50 sites with Themeco. I thought it was the best thing until I met Beaver Builder and Astra. Never looked back, moved a bunch of clients over to e pro / Astra. For me: fewer issues, faster, much less CSS needed, no drama with updates and I feel Beaver Builder listen to their clients much better.

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  3. x theme beaver builder:

    Beaver Builder Overall it is a better package, and when I bought an X pro package the backup was totally rubbish, (Envato is always a warning flag). I keep an eye on it and never see really positive reviews or comments.
    Forget about the last dev, any time spent worrying about him or chasing him could be spent more profitably elsewhere, for instance, fine-tuning your SEO, UX, etc.
    I have had to do similar remakes and each time has ended up with a better site as you can see the mistakes, think of better solutions, and implement them.

  4. I am an X (and thus Cornerstone) user too! Since last year, and I’ve only made my 4th site with it. The first one took me months! The steep learning curve as it works so differently from the theme I was using before, which wasn’t a page builder. I’ve never used other page builders so I can’t compare. The X and Pro community seems to think it’s a bit more complex and flexible (meaning more things possible) than some other builders.

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