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  1. Depends on what you need. WPX  is my favorite if you want managed WordPress hosting I’d go with WPX  Hosting instead of WPEngine. If you want general WordPress hosting a rented VPS tends to give you a solid bang for your buck. WPEngine is the biggest pile of shit around. So amongst WPX Hosting or WP Engine, it’s WPX hosting. Especially if it’s a global site. The main reason is WPX gives you a firewall and CDN cache everything setup all included. It runs very well. Using WPX, so far great experience in terms of SEO and support as well.

    WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting Review:

    I’ve actually used both. I went with WPEngine first (I didn’t know WPX existed) and was a fan of them. They were easy to work with and pretty fast, especially coming over from BH.
    After reading some tests that WPX was faster and much cheaper, I decided to switch. I ended up transferring 3 or 4 sites over to WPX (they did the transfer for all the sites for free within 24 hours). I ended up saving $900 per year! And yes, WPX was indeed faster! WPX has instant support (no wait times) and unlimited emails included.
    I was disappointed with WPE that after paying so much money, I still didn’t have an email. They did have an easy staging area which helped when I was working on some special projects, but I don’t really need it now.
    I would certainly choose WPX. They are faster, cheaper, and have better support. Plus things like a fast CDN and unlimited emails are important to me as well.

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  2. Kinsta vs WPX Hosting:

    I have both Kinsta and WPX for different clients. WPX has been good and stable, its just slightly more fiddly than Kinsta. For example, on WPX a staging site takes up a slot in your hosting allowance and is slightly trickier to set up and configure

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  3. WPX looks great for your requirements. Wp engine is also good but comes with a lot of issues from counting bots as visitors to restricted plugins. WPX is very dynamic and has great support and speed. I don’t think you should look further and go ahead for wpx. I am using it on my all sites and never got disappointed. I have tried Kinsta to WP engine and SiteGround in past but WPX never gave me any issues.

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  4. Many of well-known hosts have an introductory price. SiteGround is an excellent value balanced by-product and support. In the case of hosting, most times you will get what you pay for. If you go low dollar, there will be a trade-off somewhere.
    Some hosts have a special price for your first signup period. And it’s usually a hefty discount (about 60%). It’s not a “price jump” – it’s “you got a GREAT deal for the first X years and after that, you need to pay their normal price”. You can sign up for 3 yrs, so in three years – it goes up. However, SG also offers discounts if you decide to renewal for a longer period. This is usually displayed in the billing section.

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    From BlueHost to WPX Hosting:

    I moved from Bluehost to WPX about a year ago. MASSIVE improvement in speed and service. I’m blown away by how technically savvy the chat people are. They have made life so easy.
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    Can’t speak to using WPX although it was my second choice of hosting company to switch to from WPEngine because it seems to have a good combination of reputation and value for the cost.
    I ended up switching to Kinsta from a dedicated server at WPEngine and am now saving $900/month and all my sites are loading significantly faster. My most important site now loads in about 0.4 seconds (according to Pingdom) whereas on WpEngine I believe it was about 2+ seconds. Because of the custom hosting infrastructure Kinsta has, the constant optimization to improve site load speeds and their hosting in Google Datacenters, I’ll be staying with Kinsta for quite some time.
    Btw they were offering free migration of all sites from WPEngine in September so I’m sure you can pressure them to match that same offer today.

  5. If your looking for an alternative to Wpengine check out WPX Hosting.
    I’ve used Wpengine for years and loved their service however the pricing crept up especially after buying StudioPress
    I just switched to WPX. They migrated my sites for me. I did page speed tests and everything is just as good as Wpengine.
    Pricing is half the cost of Wpengine. and includes free SSL, CDN, and other things similar to Wpengine such as staging area.
    So far I’m liking it.


    I Switched Hosting Away From WP Engine To WPX Hosting:

    After hearing what they say about wpx I decided to migrate some sites there to test the service, I migrated 15 wp-engine sites (1 week so far of testing), everything looks better, speed is much better and the support is extremely superior ( wp-engine support is not specialized, sometimes it seems that you have no idea what they are doing), so I recommend it.

  6. WP Engine is an embarrassing shadow of the company they used to be. I fired them in October and migrated to WPX Hosting. My stress level is down. My websites are up (and 30% faster).
    I suggest you find a host that looks like WPEngine did before their face scraping dive into mediocrity. Also look at Kinsta, Pantheon, and Site District.
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