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  1. I’m researching the differences as well! Right off the bat, it looks like Astra will offer some nice premium features –

    It looks to integrate very well with all major page builders including Beaver Builder Plugin, Divi Visual Builder, Elementor Page Builder,  and Thrive Architect as well. One feature I really like is how easy it is to assign custom navigation menus to different pages.

    Not bashing the BB Theme, its good, but I have always felt like it’s development was slow. I find it very behind. Now I do know that BB is starting to reach its full potential of awesomeness. I would prefer if they just kept focus on that. But who knows, they could turn their attention to the theme later this year.

    Brainstorm Force are dedicated and have the resources to develop and support Astra moving forward – much like Tom over at GeneratePress. Seems like more a focus, where as the Beaver Builder theme seems to have taken a back seat to their builder.

    I was a BB Theme user. As it seems that the development is real slow and I think it is because they have too many products they are focusing on. Taking into account the cost, I can’t see myself using BB Theme long term without a major reason why – especially with the cost. I really think the slow development of BB products will hurt it in the long run with plugins like Elementor getting huge frequent updates.

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