Wp Super Cache Vs W3 Total Cache?


WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache. Which one do you prefer, and why? I’ve been evaluating different caching plugins with different clients this past year. My consensus has been that W3 Total Cache has been the top down winner. Though I have to ask, has anyone done a similar comparison between WP Super Cache and the venerable W3 Total Cache?

wp super cache vs w3 total cache

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  1. Cache delivers static HTML pages vs dynamic ones. In addition, the cache will specify a number of rules for the browser. As an example, the browser will retain the static content in its own cache such a way that the second time a visitor comes to your site, it will not reload the content again.
    Everything depends on how deep you configure the cache solution.
    So.. indeed, a cache solution is very useful to accelerate the loading of your website.
    Optimizing images is necessary but is not the only thing you might consider.

  2. I use WP Rocket but have been testing the Litespeed Cache plugin. It has proven faster than anything else when used on a Litespeed server. It does things and interacts with the server in ways no other plugin can. If you are using Litespeed, there is nothing faster than the Litespeed Cache plugin. It also happens to have more features than anyone else, with a slight learning curve. But the difference is not minor. It is noticeable.

    On non-Lite speed sites, I am still testing it. Great results so far but I haven’t done direct comparisons yet.

  3. You have seen the most good reviews about WP Rocket, and I want to let You know why. The reason is very, very simple ->-> “The Affiliate Commissions”. The 99.9 % of the popular Bloggers are promoting and making reviews about WP-Rocket because they earn money through the WP-Rocket affiliate program. Honestly WP-Rocket is a great plugin, But is Not the Fastest Solution available. Let me explain: When You use WP-Rocket on a Server that use Nginx or Apache, in this scenario WP-Rocket is the Fastest, But this combination It’s Not the Fastest Solution, the Fastest Solution is “LiteSpeed Web Server” + “LiteSpeed Cache”.

    You Will Not find reviews about LiteSpeed Cache by the popular bloggers because they don’t earn any Money promoting this plugin.

    Remember that in this World the money is King, and if there is No Money to earn, then there is No free promotion.

    I know that LiteSpeed Cache is superior because I spend a lot of time doing Performance Testing by myself. I periodically Buy Hosting Plans from different Hosting companies in order to Test the “Page Loading Speed and Performance” that I can get from each one of them, and I have tested “WP-Rocket” on SiteGround, FastComet, CloudWays or Kinsta, WP Engine, and more…. VS LiteSpeed Cache on Hostings that use the LiteSpeed Web Server and I always get the Fastest Page Loading Speed with the LiteSpeed combination.

    I have discovered some incredible things that You never will find on the popular blogs, like for example, in my Testing of a very Cheap But of unbelievable high quality Hosting company called “StableHost + the free “LiteSpeed Cache”, I get Faster “Page Loading Speed” than using the expensive “Kinsta” Hosting + WP-Rocket, but the only way to know/discover this things it’s Investing a lot of time and money searching and doing a lot of Testing by Yourself.

    I encourage You to buy a cheap hosting plan on StableHost, so that You can create there a “Test Website + LiteSpeed Cache plugin and compare it Versus Your current Hosting company + WP Rocket on another test website.

    You will be surprised by the results and You will also save a lot.

  4. I tried both. And finally came back to W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin. But in addition I had to include Autoptimize as well. Along with a Cron job script to purge the cache in a certain time frame automatically!

    W3tc has a wired problem with logged in users cache page state! Specially when you are in https. This problem is handled in super cache though.

    Moreover I still found the minification is not entirely the way a standard minification process should be. Even if you try to do it in manual mode.

    Dispute the pros and cons I prefer w3tc but need to be very cautious while configuration process for production server.

  5. Autoptimize – itself has performance issues. After proper analysis, I have dropped it from my own site. I recommend not using it.

    W3 Total Cache – This is what is working for me. You can use it to both minify your JavaScript and CSS files, respectively, combine them so that your total number of network calls reduces. You can also use the plugin to fix Render blocking javascript, for your caching requirements, etc. Give it a try. W3 total cache is also free.
    As mentioned by WPBeginner – you can go for either W3 Super Cache or W3 Toal Cache. I personally found W3 Total cache to be more effective and easy to use.

  6. I’ve been using WP Fastest cache for about 6 or 7 years on various different sites. Seems to be the best for me and how I set things up. The paid extension also actually works and is worth it in my opinion. Doesn’t seem to break my sites or give me grief like some of the others I have tried.


    Where I used Visual Composer always used WP Rocket BUT Elementor Page Builder have a cache and get problems using external plugin cache. WP Rocket for sure 100% (A my friend wrote 1 month ago to support about this issue). This friend have OceanWP, Elementor PRO and Toolkit.

  7. Hummingbird and 1 click database optimisation and Image Smush together. Hummingbird does the work of about 3 or 4 plugins. I’m hosting on SG and these aren’t messing with Divi

  8. We use W3 Total Cache and like the extent of its configuration capabilities. The recent releases have caused some users problems per their support forum. And customizing the minify options vs. setting them to auto may cause a problem. The unresolved issues in the latest couple of W3 Total Cache releases (for some people) have been fixed by a community group. But, installing the fixed version takes some technical skills compared to the “Plugins, Add New” approach in the admin area. The (fixed) version is what we’ve switched to, successfully.

  9. I may have to try WPRocket. I just added W3 Total Cache and I had to do a lot of things to tweak it, as it changed the way my WooCommerce stored looked. Very strange problem. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’ve always preferred W3 Super Cache. For the average user, W3TC’s config is way too complicated, not to mention the fact that it tends to clash with a ton of plugins. I couldn’t tell you how many times people have paid me to troubleshoot a “broken” site and it turned out to be some box they checked in W3TC’s settings without knowing what it did.

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