WP Rocket vs Litespeed Cache? Best caching plugin for WordPress?


WP Rocket vs Litespeed Cache? What is the Best caching plugin for WordPress?

Any thoughts on WP Rocket vs Litespeed Cache? I’m currently on Apache 2.4 with WP-Rocket, and am thinking of migrating my server to Litespeed. Not sure if I’d lose any features by using the Litespeed server caching and the LS plugin vs WP Rocket.

WP Rocket vs. Litespeed Cache

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    These are two different things no? Litespeed is a server cache (kinda like Varnish), while WP-Rocket is a plugin. Litespeed will be faster for sure, but WP-Rocket is SUPER simple to configure. Unless I misunderstand, this isn’t an apples to apples comparison.

    LiteSpeed is better if you have lots of traffic, preferred if you have over 1k pages. WP Rocket is better if you have very little traffic, preferred if you have under 1k pages.

    WP Rocket is a good product and I would also recommend WP Fastest Cache with my preference going to WP Fastest Cache for several reasons but as they are almost equal, WP Fastest Cache has a 1-time cost with forever updates


    Litespeed uses LSAPI for its PHP processing, which is faster than any other PHP implementation. Even PHP-FPM. When using LiteSpeed cache and the LSCache WordPress plugin, you obtain full page caching. This would require, Varnish and a plugin to manage varnish to purge on content updates. There’s also ESI block support, so you can cache specific parts of your site even when a user is logged in. For instance, if you use WooCommerce. You can cache product listings, but not checkouts. The LSCache plugin also has support for their modified memcache “LSCMD” for object caching. They also support most standards before NGiNX does, and have it working.

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    WP Rocket, u will love the support, also they have made me customized settings for my page. WP Rocket worth every penny, the best thing is you can always contact them to take a look if there is something not working with your cache, every free cache plugin is 0 support.

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    I have activated the LiteSpeed cache plugin that run on my website. Currently just purchased WP Rocket plugin, wondering can i use together with LiteSpeed cache plugin? If so, what should i take note of, so as not being interfere with each other?



    I have used several caching plugin Ford my clients.
    Especially lscache not giving paid theme For me. Now trying wprocket paid and will check it out the result.

    Ant suggestion would ve great as well.



    As everybody else, LiteSpeed Cache performs better than WP Rocket in LiteSpeed Server. Also has nice image optimization feature which includes webp generation, and lots of other great options. Remember to pair it with a solid hosting platform like GCP, AWS etc.

    Also check out What Is The Best WordPress Cache Plugin? And How To Speed up WordPress Website?


    I’ve tried almost every caching plugin there is in divi and so far what works with me is w3 total cache + Autoptimize + manual gzip in htaccess. Usually does the job for me. Autoptimize takes care of minifying everything (html, css, js), w3 takes care of all other stuff (caching, expires, server response time etc) ***but I disable minifying. gzip is done manually so it doesn’t have to request from WordPress but just directly in htaccess to lessen requests. Some sites load less than a second, others between 1-4 secs for larger, image rich pages/sites. Code quality is good too with minimal errors in DOM


    Have you tried Swift Perfomance? This plugin have a free option and a Premium option.
    It works better than WP-Rocket for me.


    WP Rocket is a good product and I would also recommend WP Fastest Cache with my preference going to WP Fastest Cache for several reasons but as they are almost equal, WP Fastest Cache has a 1-time cost with forever updates


    I run WP Rocket (paid) and SG Optimizer (provided by Siteground) on one site and now running Swift Performance Lite (free) on everything else. I was using WP Fastest Cache and W3 Total Cache on other sites but found them cumbersome.


    I’ve used Comet Cache Pro for years. It works well out of the box and is very stable. A couple of years ago, for a short time a bug prevented the cache from clearing as intended after edits, but it was quickly fixed. I installed WP Rocket on a few new sites this year, but I’m still getting familiar with it. I really like that you can request a bot to crawl the site to rebuild the cache after you clear it.
    I also bought the lifetime comet cache on black Friday, most impressed so far, it seems to compare very well with WP Rocket, so for me being able to install comet on a site and not have to worry about a recurring fee was the deciding factor really


    I could not ! Which is better, a litespeed server and a litespeed plugin or a litespid server with a WP rocket?

    I am currently using Apache with WP Rocket, but I plan to switch to LiteSpeed. Which will be the most exciting?

  1. I tryed both and is not a big difference, count that litespeed is free and wp-rocket is paid


    i try more than 10 Optimize and Cache plugins for WordPress and at the end i use wp-rocket now cause i get best result in getmetrix and google page speed , however i think it depend on your hosting service and also what plugin and editors u use

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