How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death?


How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death? I’m completely new to this. I bought the domain and host on HostGator, then installed WP. I chose a very basic theme and started changing the content. I decided to change the theme and did so (another free basic theme) then set it aside while it loaded. When I came back to it I could no longer sign on to the wp-admin page and it says my site isn’t secure and won’t let me log on any device. When I look up on support it’s telling me it’s the “white screen of death” and tells me to type FTP in from of my domain to access my files. I literally have done nothing to my site except installed a theme and changed my cover picture.

WordPress White Screen of Death
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  1. Backup database. Review db post content & meta for strange code that may have been injected. Next step to review via ftp for any strange files in media that may have been uploaded. Try to increase wp_memory_limit on wpconfig.php file.

  2. Do you have define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); in your wp-config.php? If so you should be able to access the error log at /wp-content/debug.log. I had this, I found it was one of my plugins causing it. The issue was my plugin was already written into my theme so it couldn’t also be activated outside of the theme. Deactivated the plug-in and all was right again. You can turn on WP_DEBUG and logging to see if any errors turn up in an error_log or debug_log inside the WordPress root directory and wp-content directory respectively 

  3. Try cleaning up revisions, cache, db by using a DB optimizer plugin. Theme gets heavy if you have too many revisions or auto-saved post or pages drafts. Sometimes on a white screen, if you right-click and view source code you can see the error.

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