WooCommerce vs Shopify?


WooCommerce vs Shopify? My site runs WORDPRESS WooCommerce right now and we had a custom integration built between Woo and our POS system. It’s been decent but the integration but not a direct build from my POS company (RICS Enterprise) so there’s been some hiccups and limitations. My POS company is building an integration with Shopify and since it’s done by them, I’m thinking the functionality will be much better than what I’m running now.

It’s a huge move and I really don’t want to be in this position BUT if the integration is much more powerful. I’ve got to make the switch.

WooCommerce vs Shopify

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    Bit of an unfair comparison as Shopify is a hosted solution while woo is self hosted. That alone means Woo offers tons more plugins & customization features (paid and free) whilst Shopify means you’re in a walled garden.

    Both have their advantages and disadvantages:

    Shopify is good, for testing products, but it will start eating $ as soon as you make sales. They will charge between 1-2%/sale + month subscription. Not worth for what they offer.

    Do some math. How much does the integration cost? Take last year’s sales and figure out how much of a cut Shopify would take if you were using that instead. Look at every single page of your site. Look at the features and figure out if you can replicate those at Shopify. Then think a couple of years down the road: what features are you going to need? My company needs our data to be easily portable, so WooCommerce was great for us.If you get in a jam and need to hire someone for custom dev work to help out, how does that market look? I know a lot more WooCommerce devs than I know Shopify devs, so they’re probably more expensive.


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    I was thinking to write down an article about this topic “Woocommerce VS Shopify” . As a developer I have some experience with both of this platforms.

    Shopify is a managed solution , you dont need to think about your hosting , SSL, bandwidth , payment processing addons etc. In that case woo commerce is like Ubuntu , you have to set up everything by yourself. You have to think about the hosting down time , website hacking issues and so on. Even if you want to extend anything you can not do it by yourself you have to hire someone to do that in case you are not a developer. But as a free solution woocommerce is not a bad platform. When your goal is to earn $1000+ per day I think shopify is great as end of the day you can focus on your business .

    At the end I think its hard to compare woocommerce vs shopify. They have different features it’s you who should think which platform is best for you..


    From what I understand, the Shopify Lite plan gives you a “Buy Now” widget you can embed into an existing website.

    If so, can I build my site with WordPress, and then just use this “Buy Now” Shopify functionality to handle all my sales and processing?

    What WordPress pages would I need to create in order to create a smooth transaction process in combination with the Shopify Lite widget? Anybody got any examples?


    Biggest problem is shopify basically enforces you to stay. Unable to move your site easily and forced to use shopify processor at 3%. I can process for around 1.9% but than shopify want 1% if not mistaken to bring in your own processor. Too many fees in shopify but a great product for aliexpress and oberlo etc mostly dropshipping


    Shopify is expensive as compared to starting a woocommerce store. Shopify costs $348/yr while wooCommerce costs $50/yr.

    Woocommerce is by far the beast of eCom which powers more than 1.5m stores compared to shopify 600k.
    You have full control with woo but shopify can shut u down at any point. There are custom customization options for woo and drag and drop works really well so you can get what you want. Is more complex than shopify and powerful than shopify. Most of the paid apps on shopify are one time payment on woocommerce which makes it less expensive.


    If you have experience with Woocommerce is best Because it ‘s open – source you can create store As you imagine it and stay away from traditional designs Especially that you own nich. But if you are the owners of a search for a winning product and snipe i think shopify good for you no to much time To start the sale.


    Both are great platforms. Initially the costs of a woocommerce store are higher than shopify since you have to pay for a hosting plan. However, over the long run woocommerce is cheaper. If you want to have a lot of stores, the woocommerce is dirty cheap as it costs you $0 to add a new store (other than get a new domain which applies to both Shopify and woocommerce).

    Woocommerce, of course, gives you more flexibility to design your store exactly how you want it. However, Shopify has some great themes with a lot of flexibility to the point where this is not a very important issue.

    However, there are apps in shopify that you won’t find in WooCommerce which sometimes makes woocommerce owners question themselves. For example, buy able pins do not exist in WooCommerce. Also, facebook/instagram integration is much better in shopify. Those little details which speed up your work is very important to a lot of people…

    try both,….you might understand the differences after that but it’s still going to be hard picking one over the other.


    My service based business which includes some digital products and courses is all WooCommerce.

    I used to recommend Shopify for my clients (they’re all physical product based businesses) but a few years ago many of them started to run into issues with various restrictions on Shopify and being able to scale their operations.

    WordPress with Woocommerce has so much flexibility. It can grow with your business and continue to meet your needs. I switched to WordPress with Woocommerce a few years ago and haven’t seen ANY reason to go back to Shopify.

    Never had an issue with security or otherwise.


    I’ve also run woocommerce for several years and had no issues with security, hacking. You just need one of several FREE security plugins and to ensure you update your plugins when they let you know an update is available.

    Yes, shopify is very restrictive. It’s hard to make your site look unique and additional apps are expensive.

    With woocommerce there are great FREE and easy page builders like Elementor Page Builder that let you easily build a unique site… No limits to how it looks.

    Let’s not forget, on the $30 plan shopify take a cut on your payments. In woocommerce only your payment gateway takes a cut.

    Finally, shopify make it clear they can shut down your site without reason. There goes your business!

    With woocommerce, you fully own your business!


    Honestly, it just depends on how comfortable you are with technology. With WooCommerce you can do everything (and more) that you could with Shopify, for less money, but it does require a bit of skill to do so. This can be learned relatively easily/quickly, but the benefit of Shopify is it’s quicker and simpler for beginners or people with limited tech skills.


    We’ve used Shopify for 6 years. Definitely more expensive and less useful features. The biggest drawback in Shopify for me is the inability to edit orders. I mean they kind of have that feature, but it’s a joke to be honest – you can only add or delete the products, but you can not add a discount to the existing order, for example, change shipping method or shipping cost. You literally have to cancel the original order and place another one, which is frustrating for us and confusing for the customer. All good apps and plugins there are not free, so on top of the monthly payment depending on the plan, you choose you to get charged several hundred dollars for useful plugins that are connected to your store. So after talking with our SEO guys and developers, we decided to move the web site to the Woo platform. They are finishing the last bit of work right now and I already worked on adding some plugins for free on Woo that were costing us money on Shopify. And so far I am definitely much happier with a new platform.


    After dealing with woocommerce for over 3 years, definitely shopify. you won’t need to deal with ridiculous server optimizations because plugins are causing havoc on memory and CPU management.

    at least 70% of my time was spent on dealing with server-side performance issues, rather than focusing on making sales.

    Woocommerce is great for the ultimate level of customization, but you will end up with a constant headache of fixing your site.

    Trust me, man. Shopify


    Shopify nickles and dimes you on every single marketing app. By comparison, you can find similar apps on wooing for either free or at a lower cost.

    I moved to Liquidweb managed woocommerce hosting and while it’s not the cheapest (I paid $39/mo), it’s been running smoothly compared to my previous 2 other hosting companies I used. I believe they’re running a promo and there is a cheaper option now.

    For a page builder, I used Elementor Pro and it’s awesome. For a page builder with a similar capability, you have to pay for an extra $20/mo on Shopify on top of the monthly fee. Elementor Pro single license is about $40/year.

    I paid the lifetime license for my theme as well.

    Woocommerce can get expensive especially if you need special marketing plugins but it’s the most customizable platform out there and you own the website.


    Shopify Review: Pros & Cons of Using Shopify for eCommerce Stores:

    Every app to make your store better in either appearance or quality is at least 20 dollars a month. For example, the Shopify importer blows, I liked to exemplify so much, it made import easier but 20 dollars a month and they had a plan for 100 a month. Mega menus? Another 20 a month, SEO, antifraud? Another 20 and another 20. Without apps your website is dull. Kind of needs apps. Now here is where it gets good and I want everyone to listen up. With Shopify, I saw a humongous increase in fraudulent activity, huge! I sadly went with GoDaddy stores and please do not use GoDaddy eCommerce web builder! Danger! I went from them to Shopify and then to woocommerce and fraud went down so much but here’s the thing, I somehow got a chargeback for a 1200 item that the person signed for, I submitted everything, including the signature and I still lost and because of that one 1200 chargeback from GoDaddy’s platform, not Shopify, That’s why I left GoDaddy, that one chargeback, that one and Shopify sent me a lovely email saying you are a fucking highrisk, fuck you, you no longer can use our payment processor and now your interest is 20% hahaha. Exact words. Are you fucking kidding me? The day that chargeback via square came through Shopify messaged me hours later saying that crap? Bottom line all the chargebacks in the world are because of Square and Shopify reinforces them somehow. Godaddy online stores, god no. You can not install anything, change anything, the people leave your host, go to the squares payment processor and you get to see zero of anything, you get a name and the last 2 digits and you can not stop auto process so all charges go through and you can not mod or install nothing so it is basically a store with no cameras or locks, people can come and go and you are done.

    Bottom line, I have woocommerce for years now and I would never go back. You have full control, you can do anything and you are the boss. Hell, it possibly can be a 100% fee if you choose to host your self. Hosting is rather cheap, there are so many awesome forums and groups, so many awesome themes, oh that’s another thing! Every theme in Shopify is retardedly expensive, woo? Tons of free themes.

    Telling you right now do not go with Shopify. You will regret it. And it is expensive. You’ll have fun with woo. And we are here to help.


    Shopify vs woocommerce which is better for beginners:

    I looked at this about 18 months ago as a total newbie to websites. I personally decided that woocommerce was the better way to go, although there’s a steep learning curve at first if you’re new to this. If you’re outside of the service area for Shopify’s payment gateway then the cost of transactions rockets – it’s definitely a factor to consider if your market very prices competitive with lower margins. The thing that really bothered me over Shopify is the lack of control of your own business. If Shopify changes their mind over what they allow you to sell, you’re gone. Shopify is very much their own train-set and they’ll decide who gets to play.


    Shopify vs woocommerce 2020:

    Shopify is a self-hosted solution, so you don’t have to worry about performance, hosting, and development. But it cannot be customized and charges a monthly fee. However, WooCommerce is easier to customize and integrate with other systems via APIs. But it requires maintenance and you have to invest in good hosting.


    Shopify vs woocommerce Reddit:

    • Shopify will get you started faster and it will look more like “real shop” and what not as more “stuff” is included by default and what not.
    • WooCommerce gives you the freedom to do whatever you like no matter what.
    • In the long run, WooCommerce will not cost you anything unless you use paid plugins / theme / development work.
    • WooCommerce is better from the “modification” perspective = you can modify and create whatever you like.
    • WooCommerce will cost you a bit if you want it to “get into shape” and look like a really professional shop. But it won’t cost after that.

    Shopify vs woocommerce pros and cons:

    Both platforms have their Pros and Cons. It completely depends on your requirement, business plan, and future growth. Generally speaking Shopify is better if you want to test your idea because it is easier to set up and run with minimal upfront cost while WooCommerce will take some time to build and you need to find a proper hosting platform. But WooCommerce is better if you are looking for a complex store and want a lot of customization.

    If you just want a simple e-commerce website then go for Shopify, easy and simple, but if you want additional features like Chat, etc perhaps WordPress will be a cheaper solution for you as you can find a lot of free plugins easily. Also, look into the payment gateways.. if you cannot subscribe to the existing payment gateways of Shopify then go for WordPress. There are a lot of things to consider… and it truly depends on your need. Feel free to share more details if you want


    Why you should not use Shopify:

    Shopify can just close your store for whatever reason they come up with, plus they are expensive. Woocommerce and a self-hosted WordPress site and you are good to go. With Woocommerce you are in control.


    Reasons To Migrate From Shopify To WooCommerce:

    I tried Shopify, but they said I was price gouging and wouldn’t let me list my product at $5. Said market rate was $1. They were comparing my fabric product to a flimsy paper, one-use, throw-away product. I sent them links to pages selling products comparable to mine from $10-$30. Dumped them and went with WooCommerce.


    Woocommerce vs Shopify pricing:

    Woocommerce is far cheaper but you have to learn how to make updates yourself. So you have to be invested in learning new things to DIY or suffer the cost of hiring a professional. But everything can learn free on the internet. Another bonus of using woocommerce is you have to buy WebHost. And if you have your own web host you can build more than 1 website for the same price. Be sure to do your research before buying a hosting package. They are NOT created equal. You want nice and fast hosting!


    Woocommerce vs Shopify SEO:

    You have full control over woo-commerce as far as the server, hosting platforms, and SEO and Products as far as no limitations on what or at what price you sell. But requires a little programming knowledge. Way more control with Woo. Shopify will sell you overpriced plugins, that require heavy assistance from either their team or the developer. We have used both. We now have a custom site built on Woo and could not be happier. WordPress & Woocommerce is best known for SEO.


    Shopify Drawbacks:

    Go with Shopify. The only drawbacks are that you don’t own the store if someone registers a complaint your store is gone. And the other thing is that Shopify doesn’t support custom post types. You need to create another website with an admin view, import it as an app, and then use it. Rest Shopify is better at everything then woocommerce.

    Is woocommerce plugin free?

    Yes, the woocommerce is free but the development and maintenance cost is way more than Shopify. Not to mention the hosting, plugins, and theme cost will also add up.


    Why Shopify is better than woocommerce?

    WooCommerce quickly becomes overwhelming with all of the technical maintenance. Literally the only justification for using it over Shopify that I can think of is if your website needs to be super customized. Unless you have a real required need to customize something heavily, go with Shopify. I believe much of the decision should come down to technical skills you don’t need much for Shopify, much more for woocommerce. No question Shopify is much easier to work with.


    Is woocommerce cheaper than Shopify?

    There is a myth that WooCommerce is automatically cheaper but there are costs people don’t consider. Woo can be cheaper if you know how to program and keep it safe and are willing to spend the money on good hosting and appropriate security. Ultimately you need to build a specification and define exactly what you hope to accomplish and what you need before you pick any shopping cart. Those are not the only 2 choices you have. There are at least 20 great shopping carts. Each has a reason to be used or not.


    Woocommerce vs Shopify for Dropshipping?

    Shopify is far more expensive, less extensible, holds your data hostage unless you pay $299 a month, doesn’t provide basic functions a store needs so you have to have a huge list of apps to make it work (and each of them usually has a monthly charge). App owners can see into your store and see what you are doing. It’s VERY easy to do competitor research for any Shopify store. Your data is not your own. Customers do not trust Shopify and will bounce when they see that they’ve landed on a Shopify store!

    EVERYTHING you can do on Shopify, you can do better and cheaper on Woocommerce. It will take more work, but that is a small price to pay. I can go on but this is a comment, not an eBook.

    Ferdy Koerpershoek has many great videos on how to create WordPress sites in an hour, in 3 hours – I won’t link to a specific one, but this is the channel. He’ll get you up and running quickly! I recommend WordPress, Astra theme (this is free), and Alidropship. Note that Astra has complete sites you can import and customize.

    All that is easy and can be overcome in the right tutorial. Building the store itself should be 2 or 3 hours of work at most, and it can take weeks of tweaking all the settings in Shopify to get the thing set up. I am a seasoned developer, so I prefer freedom and choices, but also from the standpoint of what’s simpler for the non-techie, I still recommend only Woocommerce with the right instructors.

    Also, take a look at the other thread  WooCommerce vs Shopify for Dropshipping?

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