WooCommerce vs Shopify for Dropshipping?


WooCommerce vs Shopify for Dropshipping?

Does anyone here use Woocommerce for a Dropshipping store? I’m researching starting one and would like to give Woocommerce a try vs shopify.

Shopify seems to be targeting the Dropshipping market, but WORDPRESS + Woocommerce seems like a good alternative and has more flexibility.

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    It works, but in my opinion takes a ton of work and customization. Sending orders to different vendors and keeping up with tracking numbers is a beast. Especially when one order has multiple drop ship vendors. It is a lot of work. But awesome when it’s done. Make sure to plan your whole process out in advance to save yourself time and money. It can be done. I am doing it now, but it is a crap ton harder than just a normal sell from stock WooCommerce store.

    I think Shopify has built itself a following and some trust within the ecommerce community… but of late I’ve heard of stores being shutdown due to conflicts of its TOS… WordPress + WooCommerce offers more customisation options and flexibility…

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    Best woocommerce dropshipping plugin:

    If you don’t feel you can invest $89 for the alidropship plugin (it’s the best one), there’s a free one called Dropshipping and Fulfillment for AliExpress and WooCommerce, which is findable by searching ‘aliexpress’ in the plugins area of your WordPress site. It’s not as thorough and doesn’t import reviews, but also offers order fulfillment. There are some other free ones too.


    Shopify vs woocommerce for dropshipping:

    WooCommere if you are serious and Shopify if you need something to try. WooCommere gives you complete ownership of your store whereas in the case of Shopify they are the real owner, you are always at risk of Shopify removing your products if you do not follow their rule. With Shopify Cost of ownership will increase as your sales increase whereas it goes down or remains constant in woocommerce case. Again, Woocommerce is only for serious business and Shopify for adventures. The argument that WooCommere is not secure or can not scale etc is just from a novice who doesn’t understand the architecture behind it. Woocommerce support around 30% of eCommerce and 18% eCommerce business worldwide run on Shopify. Both platforms are robust and offer similar capabilities. It’s all in their business model. Most of the big brands choose WooCommere as their preferred platform. Startups chose Shopify because of ease. Shopify store owners tend to switch the platform with time as they grow. Make a decision according to your product, business plan, and budget. I own WooCommere stores and Shopify stores. I am in the process of switching one Shopify to woocommerce these days.


    Is security important to you? Scalability? SSL? Fraud protection? Then go with Shopify.

    The “you don’t own it” argument is an ironic one to make on Facebook of all places. What would you rather have, an expensive house you built yourself in a bad neighborhood that you *could* add onto to do anything? Or a brand new house in a great neighborhood with a full security system and maintenance included, and your house MAGICALLY gets bigger when you want to have a party?

    That’s woocommerce vs Shopify.

    Oh, and those of you saying you can only ever be a store, etc, that’s not quite true. Also, Shopify Plus.


    Can I use WooCommerce for dropshipping?

    Yes, you can use WooCommerce & in my opinion, it’s even better, easily scalable, cheaper, can be faster, full control, etc. HOWEVER, if you find it hard to deal with server issues and problem-solving, stay on Shopify.

    WooCommerce Cons For Dropshipping:

    With WooCommerce it’s main problems with the website itself and that’s what I really meant, especially since WordPress is commonly run with a bunch of plugins from different authors. And yes! You can avoid most of the troubles if you choose a solid host. However, let’s not forget about other minor issues with almost every host, for instance: sometimes you need to enable some PHP extensions, often you need to connect to a CDN for a better TTFB, migration compatibility, some random error page due to server settings or false alarms, etc. And I didn’t mention the hundreds of issues a bad host might bring.

    I have built a couple of eCommerce websites in the past for ppl, some are successful and some are not, yes Spotify is easy but with WordPress, you have a lot IF you know what you are doing, options and yes you have plugins but for the most part, you stick to the ones that work, got good ratings, number of downloads and so on. I am developing a website myself for my side business.

    I will admit that WordPress is perhaps not the easiest, but it takes time to learn like everything else. I find it far easier and far more flexible than what others are using in terms of Shopify.

    But in general, it’s a kind of personal preference when it’s judged by the ease of use. For starters, most people will go with Shopify since it’s UI and UX is way better than WordPress’ but the one uses WooCommerce tend to prefer it over Shopify.


    How to set up dropship on woocommerce?

    Just install WordPress, install Woocommerce plugin, install Importify and you are ready to go. You can check out Importify’s website for the list of stores/sites that it supports. Importify for Woocommerce Support Aliexpress, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, dhgate, banggood, and many more while Alidropship works only with Aliexpress. Easy to use. Great interface and very Simple. There is a monthly fee. But well worth it.


    Guide to SEO for Dropshipping Businesses:

    • Use SEMrush for keywords & competitors analysis etc.
    • Use Textoptimizer to optimize Your texts
    • Use Keywords Everywhere for getting keyword inspiration
    • SEO image optimizer for Shopify images and Smushit for WordPress Images
    • Install & Configure the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress SEO control
    • Use Vela for Shopify bulk product edit for a better internal linking
    • You also need to use other techniques from the internet to optimize the on-site SEO
    • Answer the public for blog topics inspiration
    • Use OFC the google tools Google Search Console and Google Trends
    • Use Pinterest and Tumblr for extra traffic related to SEO
    • Use Unicheck for duplicate content checker
    • Use the free version of the paid tools, could be ubersuggest, ahrefs, keyword shitter etc.


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