Will Litespeed (from China) kill Apache web server?


What do you think is going to happen about Apache? It seems Litespeed has many business partnerships with cPanel hosting companies already. Until now some big U.S. hosting like Godaddy refuse to accept Litespeed. Is that because of China politics?

Imagine if Litespeed joined together with cPanel/Plesk corporation or joined with Godaddy or Bluehost that can be a big monopoly. Do you think any U.S. company will monopoly with Litespeed and kill Apache forever?

It seems the WordPress hosting world is getting less as open-source each day and what do you think about the future.

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    I assume you are bringing this over from LET forums. As explained by WordPress.org mods Litespeed is advertising they “support” for HTTP/3 already but Apache does not. This is a bit absurd (and they know it) because HTTP/3 does not exist yet in most applications and is not a real standard yet.


    HTTP/3 is still in its infancy days as far as technology standardization goes. Sure, development of the standard has been ongoing for years but it only became an Internet Draft on 19th July 2021… meaning the fundamental design of the technology is still evolving and is not even a ratified standard yet.

    So, no, Apache is not dead.

    Apache just has a history of supporting new technologies only when they become mature. And it’s a lot more work for Apache, given their much larger footprint.

    But you can safely bet that Apache will eventually support HTTP/3, just as they did with HTTP/2.


    GoDaddy probably does not want to use Litespeed because Litespeed requires web hosts to pay them for licensing fees and controls software updates, et. For most big web hosts, that is a red flag.


      LiquidWeb just started advertising Litespeed a lot, maybe because they are losing market share and decided to focus on cPanel shared hosting

      But most of the other big web hosts do not use Litespeed because they don’t want to pay the license fees and also do not want to be controlled by a third party company. It’s just a risky business model to have a third party licensed software to control your entire business.

      So mostly medium or small sized cPanel web hosts who love Litespeed.


    let’s hope not because Apache is the largest open source web server community and if Apache will disappear than everyone will start using a private web server such as Litespeed only? that will be bad news for anybody in these web hosting and web design industry

    you should think about competition is important for small agencies to continue online

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