Why Elementor Is Super Slow And Laggy?


Why Elementor is super slow and laggy? I made a lot of changes yesterday and previewed it and when back and it was gone. Takes 20 seconds it seems to do 1 thing in it, very annoyed.

Why Elementor Is Super Slow And Laggy
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    Are you talking about loading Elementor takes a while? If so, close some of your tabs if you have a bunch opened. Speed can be affected by you computer memory usage. Anything running in the background, like a virus scan can also slow it down. Do a re-boot and see if that helps. Unless you are downloading a theme, you are not connected to Elementors website, it’s Your computer, your internet, and your host.

    Elementor is memory intensive, hope that helps. It was taking forever for edit screen to show and I cleaned my browser history and cookies and that also helped. You might try Brave Browser. A clean install of that would help identify if it were Browser related. I used FireFox for so long but then switched to Chrome when FF got slower


    Elementor slows down website:

    Elementor has become so resource hungry! And the support response for almost everything is “raise a memory limit” or “try to deactivate other plugins”. My PHP memory limit of 256mb is not enough now to save any changes. When I try to save a change I get server errors (500) now. I wrote to the support and they suggest that I should upgrade from 256 MB to 512 MB PHP memory limit. That makes a difference of 35€ per month at my hosting provider which I need to spend more every month because of the last update. On the website of Elementor they state that 128mb is required and 256mb or more are preferred. I think I should be fine with 256mb. I never had issues before I updated to Elementor 2.9 and I am not satisfied with their answer. I don´t want to spend more money just because of bugs related to the last Elementor update. I am going to use Beaver Builder as it’s stable & lightening fast then Elementor.

    Try Beaver Builder


    Elementor is not a SaaS, it relies only on your server performance and internet connection. Possibly you have something, maybe a 3rd party add-on, or a cache plugin messing with the editor. Post revisions and databases filled with “trash” can contribute to a slow WP admin area.
    How to Speed Up a Slow Site With Elementor?

    • Backup your site.
    • Use WP-Optimize to clean and optimize your dB.
    • Clear any cache plugin and temporarily disable it to test the editor performance.
    • If it doesn’t work, see if your setup has the required settings to run Elementor. Go to Elementor > Tools > System Info and check for any warnings or errors that may appear. If something is flagged down there you should fix it.


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