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  1. I dislike all forms of pop-up’s, banners, ads etc.
    I just hate them 🙂

    As a customer I want to browse and so in peace and quiet. If I like something, I’ll do my research first before I buy it. UNLESS I already know what I want.. then I just go to the store with the lowest price and get it.

    If I cannot find what I’m looking for in 2-10 seconds – I WILL LEAVE YOUR SITE. To me, that means the site is poorly planned and worse executed.

    The site needs to be fast and responsive. If it takes more than 1-2 seconds to load – I know you did a bad job. Learn how to optimize or change host. Example; a picture should not be more than 20-50kb in file size and the start page should not be more than 400-700kb in size.

    Why? Because it needs to load fast even on a mobile connection.

    50-60% of all users are mobile. There needs to be two versions of your site – one for desktop and one for mobile and yes, the same goes for the menu.

    The checkout should be as minimal as humanly possible and it should never require an account to check out.

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