Which Is The Best LMS Plugin for WordPress? LearnDash vs LifterLMS?


LearnDash vs LifterLMS? Hey, Guys. I’m Circling Back To The Learndash Vs Lifterlms Debate. A Few Months Ago, I Created A Test Site With Lifterlms. Now I Want To Make A WordPress Production Site And Wondering If I Should Go With Learndash Instead Of Lifterlms. This Will Be Built From The Scratch So I Won’t Lose Anything By Abandoning Lifterlms Completely.

I Know That The Ultimate Decision Depends On What I Plan To Do With It + Pricing. But I Am Wondering Which One Is Better In Terms Of Stability And Usability. WordPress Community Seems To Give Learndash Higher Marks For Stability And Features, But I Recently Remember Someone Saying That Learndash Has Too Many Bugs And LifterLMS Is More Stable.

Will Appreciate Your Thoughts On Learndash Vs Lifterlms Which Is Better And Why. 

LearnDash vs LifterLMS

Best LMS Theme For WordPress?

Can any one recommend a good LMS theme for WordPress or a that works well with Elementor Page Builder? Want to do a site with online courses but I only want to build with Elementor Pro.

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    I Suggest Using LifterLMS. LifterLMS Is The Best WordPress LMS Plugin As Off Now. I Looked At Many And I Am Entirely Sure That LifterLMS Has Much More Great Feature. It Is Super Easy To Use. I Recommend Making A List Of Your Must-have Requirements And Then Look At The 2 Most Popular LMS Plugins And Check Off Each Item. That Should Get You Closest To What You Really Need. Although Basic Course Outline Stuff Is The Same, They All Have A Few Unique Features.

    I Am Firmly In The LifterLMS Camp And I’ve Even Now planning to Write An Addon For LifterLMS. And I Will Adapt And Write It For LearnDash Too. To Me It Is All About Support, Speed Of Support, The Rate Of Development Of The LMS Plugin, Customizability, Features… And LifterLMS Ticks All Those Boxes For Me.

    Choose A Good Theme Which is Compatible With LifterLMS. Use WPAstra Or OceanWP Combined With Elementor Page Builder And LifterLMS As The LMS And If You Want To Spice It Up Even More, Use Astra Pro & Elementor Pro And A Couple Of The Premium Addons Of LifterLMS. If You Are Going The Route Of LifterLMS You Can Also Use Their Specialized Theme, LifterLMS Launchpad Theme. I’ve Used Some Other Themes Too. GeneratePress And A GeneratePress Child Theme In Combination With LifterLMS. Whatever The Case, If You Are Going To Do Online Courses, Use An LMS And In That Scenario Either LifterLMS That I Have Punted So Hard Or LearnDash.

    Hope This Helps.
    For Any Other WordPress Questions Ask Here. Find Which Is The Best WordPress BackUp Plugin And Best WordPress Caching Plugin To Speed Up WordPress Website

    Best answer

    If you want a hosted solution, I highly recommend TEACHABLE over THINKIFIC. If you’re going the self-hosted WORDPRESS route, take a look at LIFTERLMS and LEARNDASH.

    Learn More About LifterLMS

    Both are excellent courseware plugins that do NOT require an additional membership plugin (although if you want one, MEMBERMOUSE is your top choice at the moment.)

    Learn More About MemberMouse

    The best combo for self hosted WordPress is LifterLMS, and MemberMouse. I also recommend THRIVE ARCHITECT to make your course pages look the way you want them to. Takes some time on set up but nothing crazy.

    Learn More About Thrive Architect


    I’ve gone through this with all I could find, add in Teachable and Zenler…. LearnPress crashed my site, LearnDash was good but complicated in ways I didn’t like and didn’t do things lifter did,

    I chose to have my courses on wordpress for design control, profits, more learning curve, but much better product.

    In all the other platforms, it is easy to start up but then you see you can’t style, or support sucks, or no membership capabilities, or comments and discussion are problematic, or recurring payments, or badges are not possible….I could go on ….

    I must pay for parts and learn to get them playing nicely….in reality you’ll need to do that anywhere.

    Lastly, I trust and like the team here. How they answer support, their actions, focus…..

    My only caution, when I first signed up I created a bunch of courses to work on them all at once. I wasn’t careful and a bunch of associated pages were created. When I made them private due to no content I’ve got a little bit a mess. Not a huge problem, but one I would have avoided.

    Start one course and see what happens.


    LifterLMS is a simple yet one of the most effective learning management systems for WordPress. What’s better is that it comes with a free version that allows you to test the plugin well before investing. This implies that you can choose only those premium features that you need. However, this always does not mean that your money is saved. In fact, buying individual addons proves always expensive than buying a complete bundle.
    To sell courses and accept payment, you need to buy there addons like Paypal or Stripe. And if you want to integrate it with Woocommerce, then they have an addon for that too. And it’s great because you can use all the payment gateways of Woocommerce to accept payments.


    I’m loving the Beaver Themer integration with LifterLMS though … it lets me create very customized solutions from a design perspective for my clients very quickly and easily


    Seems like LearnDash has better integrations with 3rd party tools and extensions like BuddyPress, Appresser, Zapier etc


    WP Courseware with MemberPress or WooCommerce Membership Subscription add-on. If you see yourself making more than $99/month with your courses then Teachable is a very good option.


    If you care to chat a bit about your learning program and goals I’d be happy to let you know if LearnDash would be a fit (and if not, I can point you in the right direction). I’m also pretty familiar with most all the hosted solutions so I can give you some insight there as well if that’s the direction you decide to go.

    Get LearnDash LMS Plugin Now


    I’m also tring to figure out Which WordPress LMS Plugin is the best. Haven’t decided yet – considering WP Courseware combined with a membership solution. The “all-in-one” LMS plus Membership solution like LifterLMS is tempting though but must admit I don’t trust them anymore with recent events so I’m loathe to go with that as a solution.

    I am very close to having to chose between the two. On my first tests of both I find LifterLMS more instinctive. I prefer it and I like what I see of Chris Badgett and the dedication to the product.

    What I don’t like is the no renewal discounts on the addons. Not because of my costs, but because it kills loyalty and they have not picked up on that. They have already had two major changes of pricing. I think this renewal thing is another mistake.

    Trust of a product for me has much to do with the consistency of a business so I may not go with the one I actually prefer. I think if you are loyal to renewing with LifterLMS it costs more than Learndash which seem to be favorite of big players like Chris Lema.


    Teachable vs WordPress for Selling Online Courses:

    I licensed LearnDash in the past. The weakness is not in the plug-in, but that you must use a third party to host videos. Most use Vimeo, but that service is so horrible IMO that I had to dump LearnDash. I moved to Teachable. All course services are in one place and it is easy to link to WP. My whole point is that the weak point of LearnDash and other LMS is that you are totally dependent on third-party video hosting services, and they are costly and clumsy. Teachable is a totally different solution that includes the complete course sales interface and video hosting in one place. I think you’ll find it cheaper than the annual LearnDash license and the monthly video hosting on a place like Vimeo. On my WP site, visitors simply click on my Online Course menu option and they go directly to my Teachable courses. My Teachable course interface is branded like my WP site. I think they still have a free option. I would never use an LMS when places like Teachable have an affordable fully integrated solution.

    Check out Teachable.


    Both are decent. It depends on your requirements honestly. Go LearnDash with Astra theme and Elementor. I am using now the LearnDash LMS plugin. I like simplicity and its not bad for a starter. It comes with zoom integration. A bit of a learning curve but there’s a great support group on Facebook also.

    I use Astra (and I really like it), but the LearnDash integration in Astra Pro is not even worth mentioning. It gives you a couple of color settings, but nothing more. In fact, we’re running with the module disabled even though we’re paying for Astra Pro.


    From my point of view, as an ActiveCampaign integration specialist for course and memberships, Kajabi is the pits to work with.

    This is a very specific point of view and is definitely not the full picture, but it’s relevant to what you’re asking.

    If you have your eye on growth and flex, be aware that you will want/need to move out from kajabi at some point if you start off in there.

    There’s no public API and the zapier options are very limited.

    Right now I’m trying to find a way to export a list of courses from a kajabi account that has over 100 courses, each with multiple lessons. If I could even just get the name of each course I’d be pleased.

    Not possible without copying and pasting manually. Not even by running a report and scraping the data out.

    For me, it’s a very narrow cul-de-sac that I have to fight with to even get in and see the data, and even when I can see kajabi have it, there’s no way to export it, never mind actually integrate it dynamically.

    For comparison, with LearnDash, LifterLMS, or any WP based membership system, I can export, integrate, and automate just about any aspect of anything connected with it.
    Every little detail.

    And when you integrate to join the dots with ActiveCampaign, you have superpowers because you know all the things, and can leverage that knowledge and data. It’s been a long week of wrestling with a very intransigent kajabi!


    Benefits of WordPress over hosted LMS platforms

    I would go for WordPress over any 3rd party hosted platform. Simply because of flexibility and owning all aspects related to your business. With a solution like a WordPress membership site stack, although a lot of moving parts – you still regain a level of control and can more easily change things over time with more or less technical solutions. After all – you have full access to the database and every single bit of data. With 3rd party platforms, this is simply impossible. You can however build a biz model around having your membership on a 3rd party platform, giving up flexibility and ownership for ease of use. In this case, you just have to go with what’s possible on that platform and follow steps/changes made in the evolution of it.

    I’m using New Zenler which is proving to be a rather excellent all-in-one platform. And is on lifetime beta prices at a massive discount if you get it in the next couple of weeks, I think! If you don’t have anything in place currently then go for something like Kajabi/New Zenler. I have Word Press in place so have gone for Learndash.

    Visit LearnDash


    LearnDash has recently (or is about to?) release Elementor widgets, so that’s a positive. Not sure about Lifter LMS. My experience with LearnDash was mixed, I feel it’s a bit over-hyped. Mainly I don’t like their quiz system, they actually market it as the “best quiz system available” but the truth is it’s an old plugin WP Pro Quiz that they embedded into their system rather than building their own.

    A closer look LearnDash is one of many products (i.e. Gravity Forms) strategically partnered to buy and upsell to get them to integrate. Kind of slimy for an over-hyped mediocre product line.

    Has anyone tried Podia? I’ve been looking at all the “all-in-one” sites and Podia is the one I like best in my price range. Kajabi is too pricey for me right now.

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