What’s the best webinar software to start with?


What’s the best webinar software to start with?

1) It should NOT show to other attendees how many people or who is online with them.

2) Would be good to be able to run it on evergreen after that.

I’m leaning towards WebinarJam, but from what I’ve seen is that automated webinars are an add-on costing as much as WebinarJam or am I mistaken?

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Chris Fox 2 years 2019-05-25T22:49:26+00:00 1 Answer 0

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    Good question! Webinars are my definitely my thing. All the software’s out there can be pretty confusing.

    WebinarJam has a lot of good analytics when I used them but the since the webinar is being streamed over the internet, the quality isn’t as good as ZOOM. Also, WebinarJam lagged a TON for me.

    I LOVE zoom for the reason that it doesn’t stream over the internet, it doesn’t lag and it’s hosted on it’s own platform the quality is fantastic that it plays really nicely with CF. Zoom doesn’t show how many other attendees if you don’t want and you could run a evergreen webinar after that with Zoom.

    We increased attendance on our webinars by 50% just by changing the headline for the zoom webinar and then checking the box to notify all attendees 24 hrs before, 2 hrs before, 1 hr before, 10 min before and then when the webinar starts. Don’t think you can do that in WebinarJam.

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