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  1. I highly recommend using a managed WordPress hosting platform like Flywheel or WpEngine(if you will have only one site) or WP Engine multisite if you will need multiple sites. (Either multiple domains or multiple sub-domains of a single domain)
    best hosting for wordpress website

    These two companies have recently joined forces to become partner companies. I use WP Engine because I have multiple sites, and their multisite prices are a better value. Last time I looked, the single site price for Flywheel was cheaper.

    The main reasons to go with managed WP hosting are that:

    • These hosts specialize in WordPress, so they do things on the back end to make it more secure and faster loading. (Loading speeds are important for SEO as well as user experience.)
    • You are not on a shared server with these two hosts, so nothing that happens with another site you’re sharing with can affect your site’s security or up-time.
    • If you have an “Oprah moment” and get a ton of traffic all at once (or this happens to someone on your shared sever), a site on a commodity host such as BlueHost and HostGator, etc will go down. That will not happen with WP Engine. They will keep your site active through a traffic spike. If your traffic continues to be high after the spike, they will move you to a higher traffic/bandwidth plan, and your site will stay live and available through the whole process.
    • They do automatic daily backups so you don’t need to add and manage a plugin to do that.
    • If the worst does happen and your site gets hacked, they have a hacker cleanup guarantee.
    • WP Engine has great live chat support and includes free access to the Genesis theme framework and child themes (aka StudioPress Themes).

    Stay away from BlueHost. One of the worst WordPress Hosting Provider I had ever seen.

  2. Most Hosting Reviews Are Biased Due To The Affiliate Links And How Much Some Companies Pay Out. There Are Some Genuinely Good Ones, Like CloudWays And A2hosting And InterServer. If You Have A Medium Budget CloudWays Will Be The Better Option, A2hosting Is Only Affordable For The First Term But They Jack Up The Price Afterwards. If You Go With CloudWays Ftp File Upload Is Your Method For File Management. I Appreciate It Because Ftp Is Secure. Rest Is Good. It Mainly Provides You An Easy To Manage Interface Over A Cloud Server And Charges Around Double The Amount You Would Pay To These Cloud Providers. If You Only Have Three Maximum Domains And Want To Keep It Under $5 Month And Provide A Better Speed Compared To The Best Plan On Other Web Hosting. You Can Go With Digital Ocean With Plesk Pre Installed. Plesk Will Let You Manage The Cloud Server With Absolutely Stunning Tools With Ease. If You Want To Add More Domains, Plesk Free License Need To B Upgraded And Cost $15 Per Month For Up To 30 Domains. Give It A Try As You Only Pay Per Hour And No Monthly Commitment Is Required For A Digital Ocean Hosting. I Mentioned The Basic Plan Which Comes In 5 USD And Can Easily Handle Many Users At One Point Of Time. Can Add Storage And CPU and memory Anytime. I Am Using All And Is Most Satisfying With Digital Ocean With Plesk, Then CloudWays And Least A2hosting. I Also Recommend And Use A2hosting For 3+ Years. For Service, Speed, Reliability I Have Found It’s A Better Shared Web Hosting Service.
    If You Are On A Budget Plan Then You Might Want To Check Out InterServer… I Think They’re One Of The Best Choice For Cheap Shared Hosting.
    So It Depends On Your Needs, For Complex E-commerce Site And Team Of Devs I Would Recommend To Use CloudWays Again, It Has By Far The Most Advanced Staging Functionality, It Can Be Bit Too Much For A Blog Or Presentation Site Though. For That I’d Use InterServer. And If You Want To Run Multiple Low Traffic Sites, I’d Consider A2hosting.
    Also If Your WordPress Is Built By A Dev, Typically Using Genesis Framework (And Storing Only Content In Database, Pushing Code In Files) Then Use CloudWays . It’s Built For That. If You Have WordPress Built By A Non-Dev, Like Using Divi Theme (Storing Content And Various Settings In Database) Then Use A2hosting Or InterServer. Security If Fine With CloudWays, A2hosting And InterServer. Really It Boils Down To You Having Strong Passwords.

    CloudWays: I’m Running A Bunch Of Websites There For More Than 2 Year. It’s Fast, Simple To Manage And The ‘pay As You Go’ Suits Me Very Well. It’s Cheaper Than Running A VPS With This Specs. It Is Really Well Managed. It Is Very Well Secured, Includes A CDN, Easy Staging, Backup Strategy And Http2 Is Fast. CloudWays Support Is Little Slow But I Would Still Recommend CloudWays. I Would Just Recommend Creating A Ticket And Working With Support Over Email. I Have Tried A Lot Of Hosts And The Platform At CloudWays Is Really Something Special, IMO. The Problem I Had Days Ago Ended Up Not Being CloudWays Fault, But Just Getting Them To Check Took Longer Than I’d Like. Chat Is A Platform That Leads Us To Be Impatient As You Can’t Close The Window And Work On Something Else. CloudWays Provide Local Backups (On Server) And Off-site Backups (Remote Server). But Your Primary Backup Should Be Your Own. Your Host Backup Should Be An Emergency Backup In Case There’s A Problem With Your Own. Use UpDraftPlus To Backup To My Dropbox (Why UpDraftPlus Is The Best WordPress Backup Plugin). I Always Like To Have Possession Of My Backups Too. I Use Updrafts Because No Matter How Great The Host Is, If Something Were To Happen To My Site I Would Be Screwed. I Only Trust My Own Backup!!!

    The Best Things About CloudWays Is Their Knowledgeable Experts. For About A Year I Was On Linode And Used Serverpilot For The Control Panel. But There Would Be Issues And I Had No One To Turn To. Deep Linux Issues. I Know I Can Pay Less Somewhere Without CloudWays, But I Never Know When I Am Gonna Have An Issue And I Need A Linux Admin To Go In And Help. A Perfect Example Was 2 Weeks Ago My Cloud Server Just Ran Out Of Space And I Receive A Space Notification. Never Had This Happen Before, And I Had Lots Of Unused Space. I Figured Something Was Filling Up The Logs, But I Was About To Leave The House For The Entire Day. CloudWays Live Chat Saved The Day Big Time. My Only Point Is You Never Know When You Will Need Help, But When You Need It And Don’t Have It, It Becomes A Huge Issue. It’s Like Insurance, Exactly Like Insurance.

    CloudWays Own Control Panel Is Much Easier To Use And Your WordPress Website Will Probably Be Faster

    A2hosting: I Have Used A2hosting For Years And They Have Been Fantastic. Server Speeds Are Very Quick. Support Has Been Very Good As Well. Despite The Downtime A2hosting Is A Solid Choice For Medium And Large Scale WordPress Website.

    InterServer : If You’re Looking For Great Cheap But Good WordPress Hosting, I’ve Recently Started Using InterServer .net For Blogs And Low Traffic WordPress Website. The Best About InterServer Is They’re Only $5/month With No Price Increases After Any Introductory Promotions. Check Out InterServer .net I Think They’re The Best For Shared Hosting For Blog With Amazing Customer Service.

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