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  1. What is WordPress?

    WordPress is the most popular free and open source Content Management System to create websites and blogs. WordPress is a software to create websites real quick. WordPress was launched as a blogging software but later got popularity of making small business websites. WordPress written in Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) with JavaScript And Html For Interactive Font-end. WordPress currently power more then 30% of the the websites all over the world.

    How Does WordPress Work?

    WordPress allows you to create pages or posts without having to learn HTML, JavaScript or Php code. You Can Install WordPress In Your Web Server Within 5 Minutes. Now log into your account and enter to the dashboard of your Website and start creating pages and post. There are thousands of free videos available at YouTube for you to learn WordPress Completely Free.

    How much a WordPress website costs?

    It’s varies depends on your need. Costing includes domain name which is basically $10, Hosting for the domain which is nearly $100 for a year, and a premium theme which cost nearly $50 a year and plugins according to your need.

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  2. The best CMS for you is the one that aligns with your needs, budget, and skills. There is no best CMS overall, it depends on your situation. Because every CMS is capable to fulfill the functions you need, but for each, you will need different budgets and skills. So you should select based on your research and abilities, not by somebody else opinion.

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