What Is The Best WordPress Cache, Image Optimization, URL Shortening Plugin ?


Hello..Can someone recommend the best free plugins for:

1) Optimizing the images that have been already uploaded on the site?

2) Increasing page load speed?

3) Shortening URLS?

I am getting very low points for leverage browser caching in the page speed tests. I am using wp super cache plugin. How can we solve this leverage browser caching error? If anyone could refer to an easy YouTube video for this issue here?

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  1. Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugin: Robin Image Optimizer, Save Money On Image Compression. These Guys Basically Have The Best Image Compression I’ve Ever Used. It’s A Free Plugin, And They Only Ask Donations As Small As 5 Dollars For The Work They Do. The Plugin Isn’t Limited (Just Don’t Exceed 5mb Picture Size) And You Don’t Have To Pay Anything Besides The Donation If You Wanted To. And If Your Image Size Is Greater Than 5mb(In 99% Cases It Won’t) Use Adobe Photoshop Or Reduce The Size By Reducing It’s Pixel Ratio From Windows Photo Editing Tool.

    What Makes It Different And Why Do I Think Robin Image Optimizer The Best Image Optimizer For WordPress Is It’s Not Limited Unlike Other WordPress Plugins, (Meaning They Do Like 5k A Month And Then You Need To Pay) And It’s Totally Free But It Do The Same Thing Other Image Optimisation Plugin Do.

    Best WordPress Cache Plugin: For Us As A Developer WP Rocket  Is The Best WordPress Cache Plugin. To Know Why We Use WP Rocket On All Of Our WordPress Site And Client Site See This.

    Best WordPress URL Shortening Plugin: Thirsty Affiliates Is The Best WordPress Link Shortening And Management Plugin Which Will Cloak Affiliate And General Links Very Easily. (We Have Plan On Creating A Tutorial On How To Use ThirstyAffiliates ) With ThirstyAffiliates Beautify Your Links, It Also Allows The Link Look Appealing, Import Links, Auto Link Keywords, Track Statistics And Lot. ThirstyAffiliates Allows Arrange And Organize Links Into Categories And Subcategories And There’s The Admin Panel To Manage Them.

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