What is the best WordPress backup plugin?


What is the best WordPress backup plugin? All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Vs UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin Premium, which one is better based on yours experience?

Which one is better ? I will be using either of them to transfer bigger websites in the future from development domains to actual domains on different hosts. Any thoughts and or experiences? they both seem to have other extensions that seem unnecessary or confusing . Please advise what works better with WordPress and Avada Theme and which ever is easier and user friendly.

best WordPress backup plugin


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  1. BackupBuddy, Updraft Plus or Back Up WordPress. I have used them all at one time or another and they all work like a charm.

  2. UpdraftPlus Premium:

    UpdraftPlus Premium is the best backup plugins available for WordPress. With more than a million installs and an extraordinarily favorable 4.9 (out of a possible five) star rating, it becomes best plugin used for backup.

    UpdraftPlus premium version gives one gigabyte of backup storage on the Updraft Vault, you can also use Microsoft OneDrive, SCP, WebDAV, and OpenStack Swift, secure FTP. You can clone the databases. Do automatic backup when updating WordPress themes and plugins. You can send backups to remote destinations. UpDraftPlus premium version costs between $70 and $155. The restoration process is also quite swift.

    One of the great things about backups with UpdraftPlus to a safe remote service (dropbox, google drive, amazon, backblaze) is that not only the complete backup is there if disaster strikes, but also an easy rollback for only a specific part of the site. Nice for moments that a plugin does not play well or you deleted something important.

    So Now You Are In Control With Your Backup And You Should. If Your Hosting Provider Keep Backup Locally Or Remotely Still Do Backup With UpDraftPlus. That’s What We Do. We Can’t Take Any Risk With Backup.

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  3. WordPress plugin updraftplus:

    I’ve got a site with 200 pages and 2,000 media (and still growing). It is about 2 GB and will end up over 4. I use UpdraftPlus. It has no trouble backing up. Its advantage is that it creates a series of smaller (manageable) zip files. It backs up to my cloud storage, and I periodically download locally. I have had to restore on more than one occasion and I use the migrator tool for moving it from staging to server. Both work well. Their pricing policy and licensing policy suck, but their support is johnny-on-the-spot.

    Visit updraftplus

  4. We started to use BlogVault and we are really happy with it for the sites with a bit higher budget, and for the lower budget sites we are very satisfied with the All in one WP migration plugin.
    We also use VaultPress to back up our website. VaultPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg (WordPress co-founder) and his team at Automattic.
    Although it started as an independent plugin, VaultPress is now a part of Automattic’s another product called JetPack. You will need a JetPack subscription plan to use VaultPress. There are multiple pricing plans with different set of features.

    Take a look at also Which is The Best and Most Popular WordPress Theme? and Best Quiz Plugin WordPress? Free or Paid?

  5. I have started using UpdraftPlus for all my managed wordpress websites after doing some investigation. It’s easy to configure and backups can be sent/stored to different locations. After I had one of my big websites crash and was unable to to do an effective restore from my service providers 2 weeks worth of backups, I have decided to put my faith in this product.
    UpdraftPlus Most Trusted WordPress Backup Plugin

  6. Best backup plugin for DIVI?

    Divi doesn’t have a backup plugin however WordPress has loads. You can use whichever one you prefer. Divi is just a theme, you can back up your site however you want. Backup plugins don’t really care what your active theme. Best for WordPress is UpDraftPlus in my opinion. I use Updraft and save backups to remote server like Dropbox for example. Handy solution and doesn’t cost a penny. Duplicator (free version) works just fine for WP with all needed features to restore website later.

    All In One Migration is also excellent. If you build bigger sites I also highly recumbent the paid version for import/export.

  7. I’ve used all of the above. They all worked for me but not push button. Always some glitch. I switched to all in one WP Migration. You can back up with 1 push. I bought the pro to restore. You’ll need to do a lot of backups if you have a lot of WP sites because the WP 5.5 is a huge change and is breaking sites all over the place.

    If your website matters to you at all, never go for a free backup. There are always going to be site restore issues, corrupt backups, and so on. I use a Managed Backup Service called BlogVault. It’s only $99/year and I can honestly sleep easy. Every backup is taken on autopilot. There’s a one-click restore that I use every time I need it. It’s essentially a backup plugin on steroids. Seeing your business site go down is THE WORST FEELING in the world. Every single second it’s down, my revenue keeps going down the drain. It really sucks.

    I’ve been down the exact same route as you. Trust me when I say it, it’s not a good idea. You could try taking a manual backup but even that’s a dangerously risky idea. But my honest recommendation is to not settle for a free solution.


    Best WordPress Backup Plugins:

    • UpdraftPlus – easy backup and easy restore from one to another server (free), easy restore directly from wp dashboard either from local or remote destinations.
    • Backupbuddy- Easy backup, restore a backup directly from the WP dashboard. Standalone migration from one to another host using PHP script. (Best for beginners)
    • BackWpUp– Fastest backup plugin (based on my reviews), can also backup WordPress content as XML (WordPress native backup restore), easy restore and migration (paid feature), backup on different cloud services (paid)
    • BlogVault- BlogVault for its incremental backups and reliable restores. It also has staging and migration inbuilt! Works like a charm

    Softaculous backup is another great free way to backup WP. (If it is available as s script installer in your hosting cPanel). I use BackWPUp to Dropbox, synced to my office server. I keep the current copy local, and an indefinite archive with CrashPlan of all backups.

    A decent hosting company does a daily or sometimes 4 or 6 hourly updates periodically and keep those at least a week. If you wish to do an update you can run a manual update as well. What I find very useful is running hourly database backups via cronjobs. Hosting companies generally don’t do that.

    But it kinda depends what kinda backup you need and where and how many backups you keep. They can cost a lot of traffic and disk space. Hosting companies usually do full backups like once a week and incremental backups daily. Those limit the amount of disk space but can only be restored via their system.

    A full backup is generally made by a backup plugin. A backup can be multiple GB’s. You may run out of disk space or bandwidth if you save them elsewhere. Unlimited hosting might solve this issue. But managing these files is definitely easier. You can manually restore the folder by folder if you want.

    Visit UpdraftPlus Website

  8. WordPress Backup:

    I personally never really put any thought into a WordPress plugin to backup my website. I rather a backend solution. I used Crapdaddy and their Installatron to backup on the server and to backup on Google Drive. Now that I’m with NameHero I get something similar.

    Softaculous is something like Installatron. It will also backup to Google Drive and the server. However, it lacks the option to choose the files you want to backup, so it does a complete backup. Sadly NameHero limited to only 2 backups and this is exactly what they said about it ” we have had a lot of abuse when we lift the limit for Softaculous and it affects the performance of the server as a whole which impacts everyone.”

    I get it but only 2? Really? Anyways they force JetBackup down your throat. That is more pain to restore as it does individual files and not one-click restore all features.

    Either way, I trust both of them because they truly have full rain on doing a proper backup on the server end of things. I’ll never trust WordPress backup plugins because they could be limited or processes canceled or possibly miss something. I’ve seen posts of people complaining about them.

    Personally I recommend server backend backups.

  9. WPvivid backup

    I migrated a fairly complex site over using WPVivid auto migration and it was easier than Blogvault. I haven’t tested backups much but I am hoping to test the incremental backups soon.


    All in one backup WordPress:

    All In One Migration Pro is your man. I use All In One migration for my big sites… well of my sites actually. just migrated a 4.5 GB site from Flywheel to another host using All In One Migration Pro. I had one small issue during migration but was easily fixed.

  10. All in one wp migration backup

    After trying All In One Migration all I can say is CRIKEY! That plugin is fast!!! I had absolutely no problems whatsoever with backing the entire site up. The only thing with that is the file is not a standard one and I’d prefer something that I can get at the separate files easily. We will have to look into how to get the files out in some way. Other than that I’ve not known anything backup and download a 5GB so fast!

  11. ManageWP backups:

    ManageWP. Backup, migration, plugin notifications, and other services all in one. I’ve migrated (cloned) multiple sites between hosts and domains with complete success. Switching from multi-site to single was required and the best thing I did.

  12. The ONLY plugin I could find that could do sites of that size is UpdraftPlus, I have it running on 250+ sites already, all backing up to Dropbox daily. And it’s migration tool is also perfect.
    I don’t think I’ve ever had a failure in the 7+ years I’ve used it.

  13. AkeebaBackup is standard on all sites I make. And the pro version is cheap if you have many sites.
    The free version is for you to do the backups manually. And it will back up a complete version of the site. There is actually a little script that will allow you to install it on a different server so you can be up and running in just a few minutes.
    In the pro version, you can schedule automatic backups and store it anywhere you want. Cloud, ftp, your own server etc.

    AkeebaBackup is not so known in the WordPress world. In Joomla, AkeebaBackup is the defacto standard.

  14. I use DropMySite. It’s cheap and reliable. It is a tad slow but once you have your DB/File backups set then it’s all autopilot. You can do 30-day retention and I’ve restored a few times without any issue.

  15. Nothing beats raw power from a custom bash script on your server running with rclone and WP CLI commands to export your database and a simple tar command to compress your website files to a zip/tar.gz file.

    Or if you want incremental backups just enable the sync option and it will keep your remote destination in sync with your local folder.
    It has 30+ options for remote storage, all popular options are included.

  16. Check if your hosting has a backup option. Most of times they come with programs like installatron or softaculous where you can do exactly that (and quickly recover a backup).

    If you have multiple sites and you don’t want the backups to take up to much space on your server. ManageWP is a great tool with a backup option (paid) where you can do that as well.

  17. I have started using UpdraftPlus for all my managed websites after doing some investigation. It’s easy to configure and backups can be sent/stored to different locations. After I had one of my big websites crash and was unable to to do an effective restore from my service providers 2 weeks worth of backups, I have decided to put my faith in this product.

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