What Is The Best & Easy Membership Plugin For WordPress?


What Is The Best & Easy Membership Plugin For WordPress?

Is there such a thing as a Membership Plugin that does not take two months of 40 hours / week to implement?

Technology is supposed to streamline my work flow, make things easier. I’ve been through 4 membership plugins and every one of them has been an EPIC FAILURE in one way or another. I’m really fed up with this nonsense and just need a simple solution where people can register, agree to a subscription, and get redirected to ONE page where I can put in a survey.

Apparently it’s easier to launch & land Space-X than to put a membership website online.

Best And Easy Membership Plugin For WordPress

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  1. My membership is on ClickFunnels. I use that for all my LeadPages, so figured since I’m paying $97/month might as well use it for the Membership. I hired a team to set it up and cost me around $300.
    clickfunnels membership

  2. I feel your pain. I set up my first membership site several years ago and it was a completely traumatising experience. After weeks of work wasted on OptimizePress and MemberMouse (both caused conflicts with my theme) I finally got WishlistMember set up and have been using it ever since.

    I went with a separate shopping cart so that I have the option to change out the membership plugin later without affecting subscription payments. It’s more expensive but comes with better peace of mind for me as I had so many issues.

    My advice would be to stick with it. It’s painful going through so much work only to find an issue at the last moment but once you’ve got things set up, the maintenance is very low. And test the next plugin’s functionality thoroughly with your setup, rather than following the developer’s step by step setup instructions. Look for areas you’ve had issues before and check those work before moving on to the full setup or making it look pretty.

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    I’ve been really impressed with ActiveMember360 if you use ActiveCampaign. I had my VERY complex Membership Site up and beta testing in 20 days.
    activemember360 wordpress membership plugin

  3. I know where you’re coming from – I am using Ultimate Membership Pro – WordPress Membership Plugin – pretty good but a bit of a learning curve and their English is very ordinary – but I’m happy for you to hit me up with any questions – been grappling with this baby for few months now. What’s your membership setup?
    Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin

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