What is the best alternative of ClickFunnels?


I could really use some planning advice, please. I have created a free pdf that I want to market to sell a $29 e-book that can then upsell to my online course. Frankly, I’m disillusioned with clickfunnels and their lack of timely user support. I have getresponse for my email list-building and stripe and square as payment processors.

I would like to find a funnel alternative to clickfunnels.

What is the best and free alternative for ClickFunnels.

I only need a landing page, a credit card form page, a thank you page and a delivery system for pdf and/or single video. Does anyone have good results with this type of simple funnel system, other than cf?

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  1. It can be done with WordPress. You don’t need ClickFunnels. I set these up for clients all the time.
    My advice is to build a WordPress website, use landing page builder plugin with any theme, and one-click upsell+handsome checkout plugins
    I use Thrive Architect with ThriveCart. I used to use ClickFunnels too but I’ve backed away from it. Thrive Architect Is Enough. Getresponse doesn’t do that? I know they have landing pages but I also know there are limitations. I used thrive architect for quite some time and loved it.

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  2. How do I create a sales funnel in WordPress?:

    • Get WordPress Hosting From SiteGround
    • Elementor Pro Page Builder
    • Get Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress
    • Get CartFlows for upsell, downsell, and distraction-free checkout.
    • Get LandingKit Geru/MarketPlan for mapping out your funnels.

    You’ll struggle to beat that combo.

  3. Yeah I’ve tried ClickFunnels from a friend and I didn’t like it for a $99/month fee. I’ve seen OptimizePress features that were better and is still cheaper. Then I came across Elementor Pro and CartFlows Pro and I don’t need ClickFunnels at all.

  4. I’m always asked about ClickFunnels. There is no doubt that ClickFunnels is incredible and the education it’s afforded many is priceless but with any software there are limitations.

    CartFlows has amazing potential and I can’t wait to see it mature.

    At the moment it’s the best alternative to ClickFunnels for those who use WordPress and I’m confident with Sujay and Adam begins it that it will continue to evolve.

    However there is a very good reason to use ClickFunnels. I always explain this:

    If positioning is important to you and you need to create proof of your worth then you need to consider these question.

    Can I make 1 million from a sales funnel?

    Is positioning important to my success?

    If you answer yes to both of these then I recommend ClickFunnels to join the 2 comma club.

    The recognition it affords is cleverly tied into the platform and is the only real reason to use it in the first place.

    I recommend in that situation to make your first 7 figures though ClickFunnels and then migrate it to Cartflows after


    I think the pages could easily be done even though I’ve never used Elementor. The thing about ClickFunnels is it offers the payment processing, and their main strategy is that you can offer upsells and downsells. Though you can build landing pages with page builders like Elementor, you would still need to set up some payment processor. ClickFunnels also offers a membership area, affiliate tracking, and autoresponder.

    If you are trying to make a membership type site where you are selling products with jv zoo, PayPal, warriorplus or ClickBank I suggest a membership plugin called Paid Memberships Pro

    I used Thrivecart (Cartflow is a good alternative) for checkouts + Convertbox (or Thrive Leads) to make the opt-in forms.

    Get Elementor page Builder

  5. I used ThriveCart for the funnels and Kajabi for the products. The new Thrive Cart page builder is awesome and you can’t beat the completeness and ease of Kajabi. Unfortunately, Kajabi is just as expensive as Clickfunnels, so it may not be a great option if you’re price sensitive right now.

    I recommend WordPress with Cartflows, Elementor, and something like Mailpoet will cover most of what ClickFunnels does. You might still need some analytics, so learn how to customize Google Analytics, or get the current deal on Oviond to make a simpler dashboard.


    In the WordPress world, CartFlows make it easier, safer and more in control than clickfunnels.
    I absolutely agree that great clickfunnels has been an eye-opening to create & build funnels for any business that has a powerful growing brand.


    If you already have a website would you build this on a subdomain? I have my digital marketing website already set up built from scratch, so I wouldn’t want to use the Astra theme as it would screw up the rest of the site and also I’m wary of installing woocommerce because of being able to style the pages. If I were to build this on a subdomain though I could use the Astra starter site to style the shop and it wouldn’t affect my existing site in any way, not sure if there’s a drawback that I’m not thinking of?

  6. I’ve signed up to Clickfunnels, but to be honest, all I’m doing at the moment is learning the craft of funnels and training tips that come with membership. Their team and tactics are very inspirational in respect of lifting your own self belief, sales tactics and attitudes. Russel Brunson and Steve Larsen are very captivating and great at holding your attention. The software is good from a ‘simplifying the flow of the funnel’ point of view, as in integrated email capture, cart etc. Not to fond of it from a designers point of view though, as in… The desktop and mobile editing aren’t brilliant in the sense of truly independent layouts. As I’ve said, good for learning the ins and outs of funnel building, but I’ll be using my bought and paid for lifetime Cartflows in a few months, just sucking in the wealth of info at this time.

  7. Kartra – $99/mo and it does more than Clickfunnels’ $269 plan.

    I’ve migrated clients from Clickfunnels to Kartra and been able to add a lot of value to their business like follow-up email/SMS sequences, video hosting for testimonials (instead of YouTube), automation, analytics, lite CRM, etc.

    Happy to help if you’re moving over from Clickfunnels.

    Simvoly is also great. I got their white label and have built a few websites on it. I use it for simple sites and/or people who don’t need WordPress as their main site.

    I haven’t used them for funnels yet but have had a play around and they’re very nice.

  8. Funnels are just a fancy name for sales call to action buttons. Not a big deal just get used to the current “in: name for this feature. Whatever you call them they are actions to conversion to a sale of the product or service.

    Elementor created a Sales Funnel video a few weeks back and Now Astra did. While helpful one time the point is how to get more conversions to get a faster return on investment and then start making money with a website.Whatever you call it typically the point of most websites is to sell your product. service or idea.

    • Hey guys, Adam from WPCrafter, but also the co-founder of CartFlows here.

      Glad to see the conversation about creating a sales funnel for WordPress.

      First I wanted to respond to Drazen. A sales funnel is much more than a “sales call to action button”. It’s a way of making a sequence of offers to a buyer. You can’t that with buttons and you can do that with Elementor. You need an ecommerce platform that is integrated with a payment gateways API.

      Also wanted to clear up some things about CartFlows. CartFlows is not new, but we are coming up on our 1 year birthday. You can see on our website all the new feature releases we have consistently been releasing every few weeks.

      CartFlows is being used on nearly 30k websites in that short 9 months since we released it. So far it is battle-tested and has been used for many 7-figure funnels. We have converted many ClickFunnels users and right now I am personally helping with the migration of a ClickFunnes 2-comma club member over to CartFlows.

      And the best news is, we also have a free version of CartFlows for anyone to checkout. Also, we released a free cart abandonment recovery solution for WooCommerce that is only 3 months out has over 20k websites using it.

      Anyways, if anyone has any questions about sales funnels or CartFlows, I am pretty easy to find online.

  9. Yes cartflow is good and I like the founder but it is new and being pushed a lot like in these posts and for 300$/year so not sure. I am planning on trying woofunnels for half the price and been around for a while. For upsells and dowsells, I don’t think you need more

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