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    Bridge Theme Review:

    Step away from the Bridge Theme or any ThemeForest theme website. you will get no luck using any of those themes. It’s better off to use and learn from a Well Developed and Supported Framework.

    Bridge Theme Alternative:

    I really like Elegant Themes, especially the Divi theme. Yes, they are not as lightweight, and they have a look, but they are the Chevy of themes: good, solid, reliable. I can also do quite a bit of custom work to them. Great support too.

    Visit Divi Theme


    Most of the themes are bloated and slow but then again almost all WordPress plugins and even WordPress itself can be seen as bloated by some devs. The biggest issue with bloated themes in my mind is the save process. It’s a server memory hog. I had to upgrade my client’s server many times to keep up with the save process on his one-page site (though the site scrolled a ton) which isn’t optimal either.


    Avada Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce:

    Avada had poor woocommerce product page and product page layout, I have compared many themes, and Astra does the best aesthetic look. That’s why I’ve chosen the Astra Theme. The Be theme also does very nice woocommerce layouts.
    Try Astra Theme

  1. Why we avoid ThemeForest Themes:
    As someone that supports and Beta tests several of the top-selling themes on ThemeForest (Envato), including the N 1 seller, my advice would be to think carefully before you put too much time in.
    Over the last 6-8 months, that market place has been dominated almost completely by ‘themes with installable demos, like Bridge, Xtheme, Enfold, Be-Theme (with 220 built-in, installable demos) so whatever you build will have to be OUTSTANDING to even hope to make a few bucks.

    ThemeForest themes alternative:

    To sell ‘niche’ themes you need to attack the Genesis market for Child themes, where you only need to think about the visual, not the core functionality. that’s just my opinion.

  2. Best bloat-free WordPress theme:

    I have used Astra, also Ocean WP, Hestia, Page Builder Framework, Kadence, and others, and I always send up coming back to Generate Press, it provides a common-sense customizer guy, and has some great built-in features. I think with Elementor’s Theme Builders tools you can get away with using the Generate Press free version but I have used the Pro for I want to support the developer.


    Lightweight & Bloat Free WordPress Themes:

    Use Hello Themes from Elementor, Astra Theme, and OceanWP Theme. For a new start on Elementor, maybe OceanWP or Astra is a good start for you, cause both of them have tools to import a Demo Template. And if you have a familiar with Elementor, you can switch to Hello Theme for lightweight and clean themes.


    Avada theme bloat:

    Avada stinks. Use generatepress as your theme (this will take care of header, menus, and footer) and then build the pages with Beaver Builder.

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