Upwork Vs Fiverr Vs Freelancer Vs Toptal Vs Guru Vs PeoplePerHour Vs Flexjobs? Which is better?


What’s your opinion on which platform is better to hire freelancer people. Price and quality of work being the main factors. Which is better? Upwork Vs Fiverr Vs Freelancer Vs Toptal Vs Guru Vs PeoplePerHour Vs Flexjobs?

I need your Upwork reviews mostly.

Upwork Vs Fiverr Vs Freelancer Vs Toptal Vs Guru Vs PeoplePerHour Vs Flexjobs

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    Depends on what you are looking for. The Contest function on Freelancer.com beats Fiverr and UpWork when you are looking for a product name with an available domain for example.

    UpWork wins when you are looking to hire someone long term on an hourly base.

    Fiverr wins when you are looking for one specific task done for an affordable price.

  1. Upwork is one of the largest freelancing platforms in the world born from the merger between Elance and ODesk with the aim of bringing together companies and specialized talents who work remotely. In addition to fixed-price projects, there are also hourly rate activities, which are controlled by special software that monitors the actual working time of the freelancer. Specialized in IT-type projects, the platform gives the possibility to purchase additional credits over 60 provided free of charge each month.

    Fiverr made it easy to publish services better known as “GIG” which focus in particular on individual skills, competences and skills. All services have a fixed base price of $ 5, but it is possible to publish “EXTRA GIG” and “PREMIUM GIG”, with which you can even take $500 per sale. On the platform it is possible to find requests of any kind, but the major proposals concern design, advertising, social media, videos, writing and translations.

    With over 20 million registered users worldwide, Freelancer is the most popular and famous platform for all freelancers in the world. There are numerous professionals divided into very specific categories. Services for the IT sector are very much in demand, for web designer and development professionals, graphic designers, voice actors, translators and copywriters. Freelancers certainly represents a great opportunity for both small to medium sized businesses.

    Peopleperhour is another interesting brokerage platform born in 2012 that offers many opportunities, where you can propose yourself as a freelancer by fixing the price of your work. In addition, you have a showcase to show your skills that will then be visible to potential and future customers. You have the option to set the payment on an hourly or fixed basis per project. The most sought services are Design, development and programming, SEO and social media promotion.

    Guru is an excellent international service that allows freelancers from all over the world to offer their skills to companies looking for specific professional skills, both in IT and for legal and engineering sectors. You will not be able to see the offers of other competitors and therefore to ensure a project you will have to propose the best offer, in relation to your skills and competences.


    Amongst all thouse i recommend Fiverr Pro or Peopleperhour.

    Best answer
  2. I always use Freelancer.
    One time I had to do some design for packaging, went on OnlineJobs.ph and even upwork, wasted like 600$ going for freelancer to freelancer trying to get something I really liked.

    Then heard Stephen Larson talking about contests on freelancer. Com, basically you post a prize, say what you want, a ton of freelancers will submit their entries and you pick the best

    That means you’ll get a ton of designs for the price of one

  3. TopTal – range $75-$125/hour.

    After vetting candidates:

    1 guy – total flake
    1 guy – good work but horrid communication and constant excuses
    1 guy – left us abruptly without any notice and hurt operations

    The rest sucked.

    UpWork is even worst- hit or miss. Literal dice roll but have never found anyone spectacular on there.

  4. Upwork is gonna get you more diversity, but mostly Indians with agencies.

    They are also more expensive, and you have less freedom, in terms of communication and how you can work with your VA. Upwork added monthly fees also for you which is horrible if you are hiring people less frequently.
    OnlineJobs is all Filipino, and in my experience you will get 10 to 1 responses. I am very afraid of Filipino scams as well.

    But its much cheaper, and offers more freedom. The problem ia that there is basically zero accountability, and you have to be careful who you hire.

    I noticed, recently, that HubStaff has a section called HubTalent. I did a post recently about automated VA payroll using HubStaff, and a few other resources.

    I never used HubTalent, but it looks really nice, and integrates right with HubStaff. There are thousands and thousands of vas in their system. Havent tried it yet, but probably gonna use it from now on, instead of the other two.
    Fiverr Pro may still be useful for hiring from Eastern Europe, but I dunno HubTalent looks pretty nice.


    I’ve been a graphic/media/web developer for 11 years. I’m on Fiverr Pro due to the quality work I do. Nothing against UpWork at all, but you definitely get what you pay for. I charge $55/hr for design work and $75/hr for web development work. Both are very reasonable for someone with my knowledge and experience. If you’re looking for a designer/web developer, I would be happy to help. Get me on Fiverr.com

  5. What are you trying to outsource, David?

    I can usually find pretty good graphic design people on Fiverr (Logos, ebook covers, flyers, biz cards, etc.). When trying to find a good designer on Fiverr, I recommend going with someone that has 1,000+ five star reviews. Then, you want to make sure you search through their portfolio a bit before hiring.

    If you’re looking for funnel builders, copywriters, Facebook ad people, etc, I would recommend Upwork. I find that Upwork is best for hiring high-quality freelancers on a one-time basis or a short-term basis. This is also the best place to find copywriters.

    If you’re looking to hire somebody that will work for you long-term (20-40 hours per week), I would recommend checking out Fiverr.com

  6. Upwork Scam:

    Does anyone know of a GREAT platform to search for and find talented freelancers and VA`s? (Upwork is a nightmare to navigate and I have been scammed through their platform before, my new account was blocked because of “a failed payment” -I had not hired or bought anything with it yet! -What did they try to charge me for? and freelancer.com is a maze to try to navigate) Thanks a lot for any good tips.


  7. What websites do you recommend for finding great freelancers?

    Upwork keeps trying to scam me and closes my account when they are not able to charge my credit card (they try to charge me before I buy anything or hire anyone) Before When I was a member of Upwork I got scammed several times.

  8. I make about $5k-$12k each month on Fiverr. I do WordPress Website Design With Elementor Pro Or Beaver Builder and spokesperson work. I’ve been on the platform for 7 years so I have an established reputation. I think it’s more difficult for people to be successful on Fiverr today as it’s very crowded….but  impressive if you can search what you are looking for.

    Hire WordPress Developer At Fiverr

  9. I think it generally depends on initial price point and the work you need done. If you have a smaller budget then start with fiverr see what you get. Your end product can always be built upon. In my mind I would go for the solution that makes the most sense. Now if its simply a budget thing i have found in the beginning fiverr is the most economical.

  10. I use both, but for different purposes, I typically hire for graphics and video on fiverr, because I send out a ton of initial tests, but for professionals in certain areas like FB campaign managers, I look on upwork, and I typically hire based on references – and after a short interview or test.

  11. What about quality and cost? I have had more success with Fiverr for more basic jobs, such as data mining and simple writing. Upwork has been better for specialized help but very costly. Fiverr has undoubtedly cost a lot less, but again the task can’t be overly specific.

  12. I’ve tried all the freelance matching SaaS products, including Toptal, Upwork, online.ph, CodeMentor, etc. The quality on Upwork has been horrible. Only success has been at AirPair, which has provided 10x talent at reasonable rates ($150/hour+). One of the guys we’ve worked with is now a senior engineer at Google, leading a W3C committee defining the next generation of JS.

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