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  1. Power pack has more options to adapt to mobile views. Design-wise is better too. I have both and I use power pack way more.  PowerPack has better modules and better support! I have both but am only using UABB when needed. I will say, in my experience, UABB does a better job in CF7 styling. It’s much more mobile-friendly. I was all in on UABB, but PP has made huge leaps in the last year. I’m moving that direction now (have lifetime for both)

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  2. Beaver Builder ultimate addons vs Powerpack:

    • Ultimate addons seem to have more modules, but powerpack has some superb modules.
    • Image carousel and Gravity Forms styler are tops with Powerpack.
    • Advanced posts best with Ultimate addon
    • Advanced Menu from Power Pack seems to work better than Ultimate Beavers Advanced Menu.

    PawerPack has well-thought-out modules but UABB has a better ecosystem around it with Astra theme, Astra Sites, etc. which are built by the same team. Started with powerpack for a few months and recently got UABB. It’s nice to have both but if I had to choose it would be PawerPack. As I have both and utilize features out of each so if I could only have one, it would be hard to decide. I use the PowerPack Smart Button all the time, but, I’m glad I also have UABB, because of the Smart Heading module.
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  3. I have licenses for both but use Powerpack almost exclusively. The folks behind UABB started out supporting BB exclusively but quickly started building versions for every other kind of builder. So there’s Ultimate version for Elementor, Gutenberg, and even Visual Composer(!) So they just haven’t seemed as focused on BB. It takes them longer to do updates, especially ones that correspond to big BB improvements like responsive views.
    PowerPack also has an Elementor version, as they probably should from a revenue standpoint, but it doesn’t seem to have changed their focus. Their support staff not only responded quickly with a CSS patch for a display bug I reported last week on their content-grid module, but they also threw in a (not-unreasonable) feature request as well. And said the fix and feature will be in the next release.
    So, again, I’ll still use UABB for functionality I can’t find in BB or PowerPack. But usually, I don’t.

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    PowerPack. I’ve had zero issues with updates. Can’t say the same for Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. The PowerPack team is really responsive to the BB Slack group as well. I have lifetime licenses for both.

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  4. Powerpack addon for beaver builder:

    powerpack addon for beaver builder is better than ultimate addons for beaver builder. I find myself using more of their modules than UABB. They just seem more flexible and have better options. But, I like the UABB Accordion better than PP, and there are occasionally some other times where I like a UABB module better.

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