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  1. Toolset lifetime, ACF only lost with this decision to change its price.

  2. Only used Toolset (because of lifetime license) and it’s the best WP money I ever spent. Toolset views are really flexible. They are focusing more on Gutenberg blocks lately but to me, the “legacy” (shortcode based) views are where the real power is (display any data anywhere you want with full control over HTML output, without touching PHP). Their support team can go quite far in helping out with the hard cases.

  3. ACF is the standard. I use WP as content manager for iOS apps I build, like a recipe, workout apps, whatever, and when I’ve to build the CMS with ACF it just works flawlessly every time. No hustle. I’ve used toolset as well. But the installment of 17000 files says a lot of you ask me. Good luck with your project.

  4. I use ACF, but only because I have a lifetime license of Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress, and ACF was cheaper than Toolset at the time. Another lesser mentioned ACF alternative that does offer an albeit pricey lifetime license is Metabox.
    I have not personally used Metabox, but as I understand it, one advantage it has over ACF is the custom field data is stored in its own table, not as post meta.
    That said, in terms of overall weight, I’d probably rank things as Metabox, ACF, and then Toolset. Of course, that ranking would be reversed if looking at features. Toolset is a complete solution, whereas ACF has a UI for creating fields, but you’ll likely find yourself pairing it with a custom post type plugin. Finally, Metabox has no UI to create custom fields and must be done with code (although they have a code generator on their website).

  5. The toolset plugin is far more powerful. For simple jobs ACF is fine. Acf as some advantages such as site options, field related to certain posts ( more granular ) and toolset is a complete solution that works well too. Take a look at It’s an amazing tool and fully open source (free).

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