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Hey Guys What’s Your Review About Thrive Architect? Do You Like Thrive Architect Pricing ? Does Thrive Architect Templates Works With Any Theme? I Want The Best WordPress Landing Page Builder And Thinking To Choose Thrive Architect WordPress Plugin.

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  1. Thrive Architect is a feature WordPress landing page builder to take full advantage of WordPress WYSIWYG editing experience. I do love that I can get things to look how I want. I really like the content builder (what it was before Thrive Architect). Now you can control minutiae. You can create gradients in your content box backgrounds, there’s so much! You can use the basic features easily, but have had to go look up some tutorials for some advance features of Thrive Architect.

    I adore Thrive Architect and many of the suite of products.  I can a control freak and very designer-y. I use thrive architect to create my client websites and to create landing pages and sales pages that match the overall style of any WordPress theme. And the Thrive Team gives you 100x value after you buy. If you’re selling something independently, it’s a must. I also love their thrive quiz builder.

    The reason why i  use the suite of Thrive products. If you need any help, Thrive Themes Help & Support team is very responsive. Just like with anything new, it does take some time to learn how to use Thrive Architect. However, it’s much easier than learning how to make all these changes to your site using HTML and CSS (which I also know). I have an agency license for Thrive Themes and Plugins which I use for my client projects as well as my own sites.

    See Our Review About Thrive Architect Vs OptimizePress For WordPress Landing Pages. Also Check Which Is The Best WordPress Theme For Thrive Architect Or Any Other WordPress Page Builder.

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  2. If you’re looking for the best page builder for WordPress, Then Thrive Architect is the best one for you. There have a lot of pages builders available, but it’s totally different from others. I’ve been using it personally for my website for a long time.

    I’m very happy to use it. Because I can design my website pages and blog posts within a few minutes without any coding knowledge. It has a lot of features for building any landing pages. Even you can make the whole website with it. I can’t give you full Thrive Architect Review here. But I can tell you something shortly which will help you to understand.

    • Have a lof of features For Building modern and next generation website
    • You can do easily funnels builder and email marketing software.
    • Very easier for beginners
    • One time payment ($67 for one site ) But Life time Update
    • 322+ Ready Landing Pages Templates
    • Work with any themes

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