Thinkific Vs Teachable: Which Is Best For Online Courses?


Thinkific Vs Teachable: Which Is Best For Online Courses? I’ve been using Thinkific LMS for a while but I’ve never been fan of how it looks for my students. Now I want to move out to Teachable. What’s your recommendation about Thinkific or Teachable?

Thinkific vs Teachable

Thinkific Vs Teachable Pricing

Thinkific Vs Teachable Pricing

Thinkific vs Teachable vs WordPress

My blog’s site is built on WordPress. I teach courses on branding, entrepreneurship, and how to walk in purpose. I’m just now expanding to creating a membership program and I’m wondering if it is more valuable to build a membership site that is integrated as a part of my WordPress using a plugin OR if it’s better to use a separate platform such as Thinkific or Teachable.

Thinkific vs Teachable vs WordPress

For those that say WordPress is the way to go, what recommended plugins for the membership site and for an LMS that works well with newer PHP versions.

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    I used Teachable for a long time, my last fitness company Kinobody is still delivered through it. I wasn’t a fan of the page builder for sales pages, but it’s improved since I first used it (and I found it better for that than Thinkific).

    Overall tho, we’ve run some high traffic volume through it and have had several hundred thousand students go through it, all with a largely positive experience.

    teachable is more cost-effective and user friendly than Thinkific and it is better if you are just starting out.

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    I just heard of Podia and recommend it over those 2, although I’ve just dabbled with both of them, not actually used them. Thinkific seems powerful and cost-effective but complicated and not so user-friendly.
    I’m doing a free trial of podia at the moment and it is super easy to navigate and create products & sales pages, plus it has an email auto-responder, shopping cart, memberships, CRM, and some other things including upsells. 2 plans, one at either $40 or $80/mo, and no credit card processing fees at all. I’m 99.9% sure I’m going to cancel my convert kit account and move to podia for just an extra $10/mo. Crazy good deal I would check it out.
    I’ve heard that having everything under one roof might not be the best idea but for someone bootstrapping, I think it’s a fantastic value. I am an affiliate for them and I will provide a link.

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    I felt that Teachable was much more professional looking, I like being in control and having my own space that is not competing with others. Having full control of my pricing is important too. I just made the switch from Thinkific and am so pleased with Teachable. My students love the new interface for their courses. I find the entire process to be much more intuitive on my end. Welcome!

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    We are so happy with teachable right now! Hundred of beta testers using it for our course we hosted on thinkific and it didn’t have the same capabilities.
    Thinkific looks real good which is why I used it so long,but I have a biz partner now and it was easier to have it split the payments for us + pay affiliates (can’t do that in thinkific) that was a deal breaker.

    The other thing was when I wrote this post there was no way to make comments under a video in the classroom which we can do in teachable and that was a Game changer for us!!!!! It made thinkific not an option.

    However we’re getting our landing pages and Sales Funnels set up in WORDPRESS instead of ClickFunnels (See ClickFunnels Vs WordPress For Landing Pages And sales Funnel? ) and will likely run our payments through stripe now so that’s a mute point. Also thinkific just reveals commenting inside lessons but the plan is $60/mo more then we pay for teachable I have a whole academy housed on thinkific and I’m not sure what to do with it, suck it up and pay $99/mo for aesthetics or keep it on teachable.


    I recently co created a course for a friend that runs with thinkific. My flagship course is on ClickFunnels. I’m massively tempted to switch away from ClickFunnels for my course hosting. Such a better user experience. Although I’m not down for the affiliate payout MANUALLY on thinkific – my eyes have been opened to a much more pleasing user experience.


    My main problem is that it isn’t intuitive on ClickFunnels. If you login for the first time to your ClickFunnels member site on mobile – find the content you want to view and hit play NOTHING happens. It really does (the video loads at the bottom of the page) but to the user it looks like the site is broken and cheapens your product making refunds more likely. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve had to educate around this. If they could fix that I could handle everything else.

    What is the best alternative of clickfunnels?


    I started my course in Thinkific, then just decided to see how it was built in Teachable. I liked how to create and the feel of Teachable, so just kept going!

    Why Teachable is better than Thincfic, Kajabi, skillshare, and others:

    • Very ergonomic and has a better interface for customization
    • Create Custom Sales Pages and Leadpages
    • Create a sales funnel within Teachable using custom pages and ESP integration.
    • It has an IOS App so you can watch your videos on the go.
    • Accepts payments on mobile devices.
    • Freelance experts to help with tech, design, customization, etc.
    • Affiliate program.
    • Many pricing options.
    • Teachable is Professional.
    • Simply just better designed and user friendly on both creator and consumer ends.

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    Also check out LearnWorlds, especially if you are just starting. They have a beautiful platform. My issue was I had to recreate 100% of my site and I’ve been on Thinkific for almost 3 years and do a monthly continuing education course. I am beginning to regret my decision to suffer through Thinkific though as I have some issues converting to SiteBuilder and the tech support is really lacking. I sent an email explaining, but they give me no information and only ask more questions, then take another 2-3 days to respond, ask more questions. etc. I think it has been a month almost since I started working at it and I am at a standstill with no resolution.


    I use teachable. I compared the two at the start and they seemed quite similar. Teachable is starting to roll out a new community forum for its creators which I’m enjoying. The platform is pretty easy to use. They have their share of issues around customer service but overall it has served me well. I have a membership of about 120 In there and a handful of courses.
    For uploading in teachable, you just drag and drop from anywhere. So I’m not sure what you mean by “direct” but you would drag one file at a time into a lesson. You can have multiple types of media in a lesson. This is what stopped me from Kajabi…it allows one video upload per lesson and places it at the top. With teachable I can drop videos in through my lesson.
    Teachable does not have an app that is currently supported, but it’s mobile-friendly on any browser so I show my members how to create a home screen button on their device that goes directly to the course area. That ends up being similar to an app.

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    I’m a Kajabi fan because of its ease of use, cost savings, and the ability to do so many things (courses, membership, website, blog, email marketing, landing pages, and more). But what you choose depends on your needs and the answers to questions like: Do you already have an existing site on WordPress and want to center your business there? Do you already have funnels set up somewhere you’re happy with? Are you pretty techie (or happy to pay techies)? Would you enjoy the simplification of having all of your business needs in one place or do you prefer to use separate tools?


    I’ve recently discovered this new amazing platform that is still in beta. I truly believe it will blow away any competition in Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, etc.

    The beta price is amazing and it is locked in forever as a founding member. The platform is called New Zenler and its main focus is marketing and student experience. You can create sales pages, landing pages, etc with all the conversion data from a high-level viewpoint. You get 100,000 email subscribers, everything white-labeled, and an app where you can host your course.

    Also, on the roadmap is integration with Zoom where you can have your live webinars and that is INCLUDED in the founding member’s price, If you’re interested, I can send you a secret invite into the platform and you can browse around for free. Please let me know if you’d like an invite


    If I could interject. I highly recommend taking a look at Kajabi. Happy to answer any questions you have. It may seem like it is expensive compared to, but if you look at all you get you to save money. I have been experimenting with Thinkific, Teachable, and Kajabi. I like Thinkific and Kajabi Best. Kajabi is easier to build your course actually. Lots to weigh out but really if you are looking for ease (there is a learning curve but their support is crazy good) it takes care of everything, your website, membership site, landing pages, email providers, and a course builder that looks great on delivery.

    I have MemberPress and a wp site, but if I could do it all over again I would go with one of these.

    You can make as many landing pages as you’d like. They are customizable, build from scratch or they have a ton of templates for you to work with. Email is on the more basic side, but they are adding in more features every month and there has been a focus on pumping up the email.


    I’ve tried both and found Teachable’s user experience to be more streamlined and linear. I didn’t like how Thinkific makes you split up every single part of your course. Teachable is very simple and easy to use platform whereas Thinkific is also a good platform more complicated than Teachable in my point of view. Teachable is really easy to use. I left thinkific after there price change, which I see as not fair for us, you will enjoy working with teachable, I have been using them for about a month. And I gotta tell you, customer service is awesome and helpful, very fair pricing, and you also get the VAT option and the blog option which thinkific lacks, as for the migration. I had to create everything manually. But I gotta say it was worth it. I got about a 122% increase in my website visits since the switch to teachable Teachable is going to be your partner, thinkific just doesn’t care about you as a customer they just want your money.


    Teachable alternative Thinkific:

    I originally did a trial with both companies and choose Thinkific. I’ve been very pleased. Thinkific’s customer support is very responsive. I was with Teachable. It’s comparable to Thinkific. I’m personally not satisfied with either graphically. But I appreciate Thincfix support walking us through it step by step. For now, I’ve settled into Thinkific. It will do the trick for now.

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    Best kajabi alternative: Why I migrated to thinkific?

    Kajabi was costing me $149/mo, and maybe that works for someone that will use all their features (landing pages, email marketing, course, website, etc.) But I already have my website, and I have Convertkit for landing pages & email marketing (oh yeah, also officially moved from MailChimp to converkit!) I felt like I was paying for features I didn’t need.
    I narrowed down to teachable vs thinkific at first. In the end, teachable’s basic plan at $39/mo charges 5-7% transaction fees and doesn’t include affiliate marketing. If I wanted to have affiliates, I would have to upgrade to Teachable’s Pro plan at $119/month.
    On the other hand, Thinkific’s pro plan costs $99/mo with no transaction fees and includes affiliate marketing… so for me, Thinkific is better set up to suit more long-term growth. All the other features looked essentially the same.
    I hope it will help anyone who is starting to build a course or thinking of doing it in the future!


    You can use Clickfunnels. it’s membership capabilities are fairly limited (which may be a benefit). The basics like generating accounts, having modules/sections, protecting content are there. But it is not an LMS, does not really track progress, doesn’t inherently have different membership levels (though you can mimic that a couple of ways). Not sure if that helps but what I’d do is list out you must have and nice to have membership features and see if it can handle it. If yes then great you can use one platform for both needs and stay simple.


    I use Kajabi and love it. I started on Thinkific but Kajabi is way more flexible and there is a great community of users who all help each other out! Plus their own support is brilliant.

    Some cons to Kajabi:

    • Cookie-cutter memberships. You probably know a Kajabi site when you see one. They tend to all look very similar and if you want your site and brand to stand out, it’s difficult to do that on these kinds of sites.
    • Strict guidelines. Again, especially, with the marketplace type sites, they usually control what you can charge, what kind of courses you allowed to create, the format your content must be in, and every aspect of the site.
    • Expensive. Kajabi’s most popular plan, for example, starts at $159/month.

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    Is thinkific better than teachable?

    I’ve just started using the free Thinkific plan and it seems to be great. It’s so easy to use, the design features are drag and drop. I would love to be able to afford the plan with a built-in community but it’s quite expensive for me at the moment. And I’m starting to hear the community feature isn’t brilliant. I hope they upgrade it by the time I can afford to upgrade!


    We used to have Thinkific, WordPress, memberful, Squarespace, Vimeo, mailchimp, clickfunnels, a Facebook group, zoom, Now we just use Kajabi. Kajabi is the all in one solution for all of those.


    I use thinkific but just for short courses. Easy to use and getting better as the company ages. Used Thinkific for delivering courses but not for membership. It’s intuitive on the back end and users/students seem to really like it, I rarely get tech help questions. We were formerly using Ruzuku which was terrible.

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