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  1. Steps to fix There has been a critical error on your website:

    • Usually caused by a syntax error in your functions.php file. Try roll back on your theme update and see if the problem persists.
    • Check your email and see what the error is.
    • Rename your theme folder. Try login again.
    • Go through cpanel >>File manager >> root folder¬† >> public html >> wp-content >>plugins
    • Rename the plugin folder to maybe n-plugin. If this solve it, delete the recently activated plugin or reactive plugin one after the other.
    • Downgrade your php version from cpanel or upgrade depending on the version.¬†
    • Check your admin email WordPress will send you access link and the exact problem


  2. Go to FTP and disable all plugins in your plugin folder by manually adding a “_” into the folder name. For example: wp-content/plugins/pluginname become wp-content/plugins/_pluginname

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