Switch From Elementor To Beaver Builder


Switch From Elementor To Beaver Builder. Could I get a comparison of what I would gain or lose switching from Elementor to Beaver Builder?

I used a beaver builder for a few sites in 2017 then switched to Elementor. I am 100% fed up with Elementor. Their support is terrible, they don’t fix known issues that have been reported frequently. They ARE HUGE on censorship; all of their blog posts are set to mark replies as pending and they only approve praise/fanboy replies. They are extremely deceptive and care more about painting a false picture to bait people to buy Pro. Overall in my experience in this field since 2013 I have never dealt with a more rude and shady company, along with their community which will blindly defend their every decision.

Switch From Elementor To Beaver Builder
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Helena Looby 1 year 2020-06-18T09:55:05+00:00 6 Answers 0

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    You would lose all of the crap that you just listed about being horrible about censorship and having terrible support.
    Since you already used BB then you have an idea of what you’d gain. Obviously, features have grown with BB as with all services and platforms since ’17. It’d probably be best to DL a copy and play around to see if it’s a fit your you.


    You gain the opposite of what you wrote about Elementor & you lose the typical Elementor flavor – the glossy animations et al. This topic is dealt with numerous times here, just search for Elementor and I’m certain you’ll find posts comparing the two.


    I have a license and been a fan of beaver and still using it on some of my projects for many years. But actually my opinion is if I’m using elementor i wouldn’t switch to beaver. Elementor is better just an honest opinion.


    I’ve used both Elementor and Beaver Builder, though beaver more extensively than Elementor. I found them fairly similar, with the BB UI slightly faster in the latest releases.
    The biggest difference I noticed is that Beaver Builder was far better at working alongside global theme customizer styles, not forcefully overriding them in annoying ways.
    My general observation is that those who prefer Elementor frequently don’t appreciate the value of WordPress’s content/style separation (which stems from HTML and CSS itself). Often this refers to website building novices or web designers that haven’t grown in their understanding of web programming.


    BB is the best page builder I ever worked with, hands down. Super powerful esp, when combined with Beaver Themer, intuitive, easy to train clients to edit pages, and fantastic support.
    Gain stability, reliability, and functionality. Field connections with Themer are crazy useful. BB is also leaner overall, meaning faster page load times. I found Elementor quirky/buggy/unpredictable – meaning I had far more issues with it than with BB. I can see why people like it but…and this is important…there’s far more that goes into a website than how it looks and BB finds a nice balance between whiz-bang features and reliability.


    I made the switch from Beaver Builder to Elementor. It’s not something I terribly regret, because there are some things that I really like about Elementor. But Beaver Builder is the better made, and better overall product. Also, as people have mentioned, the community for BB is soo much better. I might as well ask my 3-year-old how to fix an issue on my site, rather than the Elementor community.
    I personally use both, although I use Elementor in more of my sites than Beaver Builder. That said, I have been trying to go back to Beaver Builder on more sites than Elementor. I think Elementor is easier to use but slower. I rarely have issues with either though! Most of my issues are related to hosting or client mistakes

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