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Thoughts on SquareSpace vs WordPress website? SquareSpace has MailChimp integration and even the ability to sell products. Setup seems way simpler to me than setting up WordPress, choosing a theme, customizing it, adding plugins, etc. But am I missing something? I am not trying to plug SquareSpace or bash WP, just asking for others’ experience. Thanks!

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  1. If you’re okay with maintaining your own website with WordPress, a WordPress Theme you pay for, and a good WordPress Hosting then WordPress is the only answer.

    If not, SquareSpace is perfectly fine.

    One thing about SquareSpace is that the theme and the configuration are independent. So you can switch it to a gallery, add a store, move how things are displayed, and integrate with MailChimp Email Marketing Tools or other services on the fly.

    Go with SquareSpace if you want simple and don’t want the control of your website

    Go with self hosted WordPress if you know what you’re doing and can set up up yourself still costs a little for web hosting and domain name. Don’t use WIX, they suck. Hire A WordPress Developer to build your website with affordable costing.

    Best answer

    Start with SquareSpace. If you need to expand later you can do that, but SquareSpace is low cost and easy to use

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