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  1. Both are fine if you’re not going to make a really big site. And yeah I’m talking about Squarespace and WordPress and not Wix.

    You can use WordPress with Oxygen, Brizy, and Elementor (any builder of your choice). Though Elementor has most of the free resources in terms of extra addons and site management becomes easy. Brizy and Oxygen are lightweight plugins but lack resources.

    Also, Oxygen and Brizy both are running LTD at a discount so if you want to pick any then it would be the best time. With Brizy Pro they are also giving cloud service for free.

    WP + Elementor + Astra as the ultimate no-code website builder. Astra theme pairs nicely as a blank slate – and many others agree.

    I tried Elementor’s ‘Hello’ theme but found it SO stripped down that it was difficult to work with.
    For the amount squarespace etc cost, you can literally get someone to host and build wordpress for you.

    As someone else said, manually writing html, css is better than Wix, Squarespace etc. Feel free to use it, but you will eventually choose WordPress or a more open platform.

    With Wix, SQspace etc, you get stuck with one vendor. That’s always a poor business strategy. There is no SEO for wix its an online brochure. Do it on a platform that you can grow with….squarespace is fine so is WordPress and Shopify…but it will be anything but wix.
    WordPress is just better. If you must go with a site builder use SquareSpace, which is also better than Wix.

  2. I wouldn’t put it on either. I’d go WordPress 110% of the time for myself, my clients, and even the clients at the agency that I work at.

    Recreating something with Squarespace is much more difficult because you are really restricted to their template designs, there is a fair amount of customisation but the framework is less flexible. Wix will probably give you more control but there might still be some restrictions depending on what you’re trying to create. Squarespace, it’s true that it’s not as flexible as Wix but that’s a good thing, it prevents you from making a mess. Don’t use WIX unless you enjoy headaches.

    WIX vs WordPress vs SquareSpace: Why WordPress Is Better Than WIX Or SquareSpace

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