How do I speed up Avada theme?


I have been searching for ways to speed up load times and came across two interesting, and not encouraging reads. The first from Theme fusion forums that’s really worth a read through the other from Mito Studios where they built two sites, one with all features turned on, the other off, and found NO appreciable difference in load times.

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    But you have already read at the second link that it is Avada 5.9.1 and we are at 7.1.2 or?
    With the first one, you have to say that if you don’t use Avada performance settings at all and combine fast velocity minify with wp fastest cache you can clearly see big differences, and currently, the roadmap shows the upcoming features and work. Here code refactoring is by far the most important issue and mobile enchantments are close behind.


    AVADA is currently showing with the roadmap that the performance should be worked on next. 
    You should never blindly rely only on the results of any test, you should look what the points are the ones that might cause problems and if you can solve them, if not, the result itself is irrelevant, because the site is obviously optimized as far as it can be at the moment. If you don’t know better, you should consult an expert and let him think about what you can optimize and how, because sometimes you just overlook things or don’t know better.
    You can’t tell me that you need ALL the Avada elements on a single website.
    Important performance factors in my opinion:

    • Good hosting (If the budget allows it, which it should, you don’t use shared hosting)
    • Optimize Theme (disable features that are not needed)
    • Optimized use of caching and minifying
    • Compress images sensibly
    • As few Plugins use as necessary are, that means to write also times own CSS code instead of installing for it a further Plugin

    There is still much clumsy and unfortunate coding that loads resources for an element, used on only one page, on all pages. There are also people who suggest that turning off unused builder elements has little or no effect on improving load times. It’s also easy breezy to say you should only use the best hosting.


    Google pagespeed for mobile is very good but it really doesn’t show that much about your website speed. It’s more about frontend optimization for your scripts and style rendering, even if they load very fast they have a negative impact on the customer screen. That’s not a WP Rocket issue, it’s about scripts and styles real optimization, and repaint. It takes time to improve!


    Best WP Rocket Setting for Avada WordPress Theme

    I will talk about Google PageSpeed as only for Mobile. You have to try necessary WP Rocket settings which suits your site. Some of the settings might conflict each other so you have to try and test try and test. Make sure it not break your layout on both desktop and mobile. It will take lots of time and test. The core steps to speed up Avada WordPress theme are,

    • Separate Cache for Mobile: Have you enable separate cache for Mobile devices? Enable it.
    • Critical CSS: Can you enable Critical CSS (Optimize CSS delivery)? Well it can break on some website but if it not break yours then try it. Be sure you check every element and buttons on every pages.
    • Combine and Minify CSS/JS: Combine and Minify CSS/JS both CSS and JavaScript. I know we have been told that a multiple small CSS/JS files server faster on HTTP/2 but well google still considering the minimum numbers. You might test by yourself if it really make a big different or pretty close to each other then you decide what you prefer. Good scores or Good speed? But if they are pretty same then you may choose to pleased Google.
    • Fix JQuery Issue: Remove jQuery Migrate. Load JavaScript Deferred. Safe Mode for jQuery. I enabled the most in this page even though they suggest to do not enable some. You see sometime the Good Scores is not always equal to Good Speed (most of the time).
    • LazyLoad Images and Videos: Have you Enable LazyLoad for Images? Because Google say you have not or maybe it not working properly. Which image optimization you use for generate WebP images? You have to check the WebP Compatibility in WP Rocket. Disable the WebP delivery by your image optimization plugin because now we will let Rocket to handle it!

    WordPress is a complex website build from many plugins from many developers so we can’t control it from the ground up. We just try to re-packaging it (with another plugin). You have to be aware that every settings can break your site. So enable one -> save -> test you site and do like this with every options. Slow but sure. It is easy to fix if you know what cause problem. If something break and you enjoy to fix it you can disable cache and look at which JS or CSS is not working properly then you can put them in the Excluded Files. If it hard to find then just disable options above.


    Don’t care much about the score, Google pagespeed for mobile is very good but it really doesn’t show that much about your website speed. It’s more about frontend optimization for your scripts and styles rendering, even if they load very fast they have negative impact on the customer screen. It’s about scripts and styles real optimization and repaint. It takes time to improve.

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