How to speed up a WordPress site using Divi Theme?


A good plugin for speed optimize with Divi? Free CDN?

How to change Divi theme-loaded theme font size in some element in every page (without doing this on every page separately)

How to do different footer for every language (WPML- plugin)

I tried WP Super Cache, with some trouble with divi, some headers didn’t work after enabling some features. W3 total cache seems to work quite good. I will also try this litespeed cache.

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    About the didi theme speed, you would have to set up a staging site and just try different approaches. As for Divi performance, here are the best tips:

    • Run the site on PHP 7.4 (Latest PHP)
    • Minify HTML, CSS & JavaScript, and combine them.
    • Use a cache plugin (LiteSpeed if your server supports it)+ Asset manager
    • Optimize images and try to use more modern formats like .webp (Shortpixel is pretty good or LiteSpeed Server has a built-in function) That way you can use images on mobile as well.
    • Use browser caching & Defer parsing of Javascript (Cache plugin)
    • Dequeue (remove) Gutenberg blocks if you are not using them.


    • Use “PurifyCSS Online” to clean CSS files thus get rid of unused CSS and Javascript. (96% av the DIVI theme CSS is unused) In chrome – check “Coverage” under “More tools”. For example, your “gfonts_local.css” is 100% UNused.
    • Add critical CSS (CCSS) to render the page faster.
    • Use a CDN service like BunnyCDN or other

    I might have forgotten something but this would improve it a bit. I use web dev and PageSpeed Insight and GTmetrix to get the best suggestions on how to improve.

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