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  1. It’s hard because it’s all anecdotal from a vocal minority. Any opinion someone shares might be from years ago when service was better or worse… You’d be best to look at the price and expected service but be ready to leave for something else if they don’t meet your expectations.
    Siteground is pretty good, but I just moved my stuff to WPX and I can say their speed is great. And support some of the fastest I’ve worked with and I’ve been doing this for 20 years now.
    Siteground GrowBig is loading a bare-bone WP installation in 0.5 to 1 sec, with Supercacher on. The rest is the matter of the quality of the theme, and optimization of the plugins and the content. Uptime is 100% (last 30 days), and the support responds immediately to Chat.
    Generally, WPX is faster. The average aggregate response speed for WPX Hosting is 206.58ms (measured from 10 locations). SiteGround, in contrast, is 352.46ms. Chart attached is the 30 days speed graph for WPX.
    SiteGround hit 100% uptime, WPX 99.9% – but long term wise, I would say they both are good in terms of uptime. WPX generally regarded as faster, although SiteGround is more economic. Support is friendly/helpful on both.

    I will suggest SiteGround

  2. WPX support has really been awesome. 24/7 support even on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, the speed is pretty fast too. WPX has to be the fastest host I’ve ever experienced but hands down, the support is what makes them even better. WPX is my premium level hosting and Siteground is more for my low maintenance stuff. My sites took 4 seconds to load on HostGator and now take 1 second on WPX Hosting. There is also Flywheel too. We’ve optimized sites on there down in the 1-2 second load times for pretty full-featured sites.

  3. Which is a better hosting provider, Siteground, or WPX hosting?

    Siteground is pretty good, but I just moved my stuff to WPX and I can say their speed is great. And support some of the fastest I’ve worked with and I’ve been doing this for 20 years now. I was with WP Engine before. The primary reason for switching was because I was over-paying. WPX offers better performance and I’m saving like $800/year. No brainer. I’ve used Siteground for smaller stuff. I like the company a lot, but I preferred a smaller, more personal company that focused on WP, not where it was just one of their many offers. If you want the absolute fastest performance you can get but are OK with being more exposed to the underlying tech of your server, then Gridpane combined with a VPS is pretty freaking fast. I’m going to keep an eye on it, but I’m happy with WPX right now. And I have a business to run, so I don’t want to be spending too much time dealing with hosting, etc. WPX support is really fast. I looked into Bigscoots, too. I like them a lot, but it was the fast live chat that swayed me to WPX.

    Visit WPX Hosting

  4. Your choice will depend on several factors like: how “techie” you are, your budget, number of sites, whether you’re developing sites for others. I was on BlueHost, but they went downhill after EIG bought them out. Then I had a virtual private server with WiredTree for a while, but would rather have someone else maintaining the server because I don’t enjoy it, and have other things to do with my time. I moved to WPEngine, which was fine, but they have constraints on what you can do (like plugins) and are WordPress only – and was more expensive than I wanted to pay. So I ended up with SiteGround, and have been with them for three years now.

    SiteGround is constantly improving their services (and the security and performance of their hosting), and for a low cost solution, they’re the best on the market for someone developing WP sites in my opinion. And they provide an upgrade path if you outgrow their shared server plans.

    WPX is more expensive than SiteGround, and their bottom-end plan allows you to host five sites. SiteGround has no such restriction. Looking over the pros listed for WPX, I see nothing on the list of features that I’d consider a compelling reason for spending the extra money on a WPX account.

  5. WPX hosting probably the best WP hosting available at the moment.
    I can also vouch for knownhost

  6. I tried cloudways and found it required way more server smarts than I have. WPX has been good that way & support answers chat requests VERY quickly.

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