SiteGround Vs GreenGeeks?


SiteGround Vs GreenGeeks? I’m a totally non-techie person, and totally confused about trying to find a web host for a simple WordPress eCommerce website I’m wanting to start. I’m a crafter wanting to do simple online selling. I’m also in Canada. Not sure if that makes a difference. I was looking at Siteground and GreenGeeks. Any recommendations? I have already purchased a top level .com domain from GoDaddy, which I hope wasn’t a mistake. I am wondering if I should secure the .ca domain as well or if that makes a big difference.

SiteGround Vs GreenGeeks

SiteGround Vs GreenGeeks Pricing?

SiteGround GoGeek Plan is $39.99/month and GreenGeeks Ecosite Premium Plan: $24.95/month. Which one would be better?

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  1. Best shared hosting for WordPress

    Flywheel, Siteground, Namehero are all better in my opinion. I’ve used them all. Hostgator is not the best choice, although their servers are stable. I still have a reseller account there and my Divi sites are loading in about 2-3sec. What is a turn off is their support system. I had the same mediocre support experiences with A2 Hosting, BlueHost, GoDaddy, Media Temple, Namecheap.
    Good shared hosts are Siteground and KnownHost has a bit better support than Siteground which means a lot. Having been with 10+ hosting companies in the last 15 years I have never seen anything like KnownHost. Best bang for the buck.
    The next price levels are Flywheel and some others mentioned here if you can afford to go higher than shared hosting.

  2. FlyWheel vs SiteGround Divi WordPress Theme

    I had actually moved the site to flywheel when I had issues with SG and it worked perfectly with wordfence etc. I sent them a screenshot. Considering I was on shared hosting, I now understand that SG doesn’t allocate enough resources which makes Divi builder not behave properly. So that means I need to get my client to upgrade to a bigger plan which the client doesn’t want to consider this is just a startup company. He would love to upgrade it in the future though. So I will continue to develop on flywheel and just move the site to SG when it’s done.
    Get FlyWheel Hosting for DIVI Theme

  3. The first thing I would recommend is regardless of what hosting company you go with you make sure you have an SSL certificate so you have HTTPS.
    One of the biggest things I find that non-techies miss with WordPress is making sure plugins/themes stay up to date and that they have backups. While there are people on the group that will recommend many different providers – You may want to also try to find someone local in your community to help you with some of the techie things within WordPress.
    While “most” hosts do provide SSL certificates today – not all do and some have some extra steps you have to jump through to get them installed. WooCommerce is typically the way to go for eCommerce, however, it depends on how many products/items you will have sometimes it’s easier to use something like Fluent Forms.

    You only need to purchase a .ca if you want to (I would if you are selling to .ca; really, ~$12/year USD). Among GoDaddy, SiteGround and GreenGeeks, I would personally choose GreenGeeks(for hosting… the domain registrar is less relevant but not irrelevant; NameSilo is cheaper and gives you WHOIS privacy for free rather than $9/yr USD).

    Cloudways is a good option if you are planning for high speed. Even though I don’t know about their support, I tried their service with the digitalocean and it was good. Some of the Cloudways features are:
    1. Free migration
    2. Free SSL
    3. Cloudflare Support
    4. Free Caching Plugin named Breeze

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  4. I totally recommend siteground as an easy to use a host for a nontechie. But I would also take a look at flywheel, they have a simple interface and are managed WordPress hosting, so you get a lot more hand-holding and better servers for a reason the price. Both offer one-click installs of SSL that are simple and uncomplicated. I have both US and Canadian clients on Flywheel but previously with siteground.
    Quality, fast website hosting in the US is doable in the $5ish USD range with HTTP/2, LiteSpeed, free SSL, free backups, cPanel, 10 minutes, or less support solution times, free demo account before signup, et al. Go with NameHero

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