SiteGround Vs BlueHost Vs DreamHost?


SiteGround Vs BlueHost Vs DreamHost? Exploring hosting options on a tight budget. I know shared hosting has its limitations but for a basic organization website with a DIVI build (and airtable integration), has anyone had a negative experience with more basic plans from the likes of SiteGround, Dreamhost, or Bluehost? Currently looking at Dreamhost due to the price and features of their managed WordPress hosting unlimited plan!

SiteGround Vs BlueHost Vs DreamHost
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Ali Akkas 3 weeks 1 Answer 0

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  1. Haven’t worked on DreamHost in ages, so I can’t say what it’s current state is. I’d rather suggest WPX Hosting, they don’t have the fastest servers, but they’re very solid. SiteGround… I left them not long ago and since then I see people complaining about them all the time (mostly about pricing and support). Bluehost is just crap.
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