Siteground Renewal Too Expensive! Any Discount Code?


I have a small blog/website. The income is almost non-existent, although I haven’t really pursued it. I’ve been hosted by SiteGround for the last four years and have worked through all the discounts. I cannot afford to pay without a discount. I tried to switch to Bluehost, but had issues from the start. Does anyone use HostGator? Any other suggestions. My site is about 8gb and will continue to grow slowly.


Siteground Renewal Too Expensive Any Discount Code



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  1. I actually switched from Bluehost to SiteGround after my Bluehosted site went down for 1 week – they deny is their server error for 3-4 days only to admit it is indeed problem on their side but couldnt do much to solve it.

    They do allow me to terminate the plan early and refund prepaid amount so I guess there is that.

    • I had the same issue with blue host and their customer service was zero stars. They were in the middle of server migrations or something and no one knew what they were doing! One of the support agents was so rude to me and she knew it, so she didn’t hang up the phone because it automatically goes to a satisfaction survey. I hung on the line for about 15 minutes because i wanted to do the survey and then I gave up. She must have just stayed on mute the whole time so it didn’t go to the survey!

  2. Hi There,
    As per my 10+ years of experience with the multiple types of Hosting, I found Siteground is far best among all the Hosting options available in the market. I know Siteground Hosting renewal cost is very high and not at all acceptable. But there is a great way you can renew your siteground account with the discounted price. Check this video now:

  3. There is nothing like WPXhosting. They include everything (SSL, email, security package with firewall). I just switched from GoDaddy last week. Here’s my latest GTMetrix rating. They handled the whole migration for free.


  4. Hi Phyllis just to let you know that I went with Host Gator there are many things I did not like. 1:It was hard to log into word press 2:the lowest plan is no good. 3: I even called them on the phone about my pass word not working. I got my money back with them I was so up set. I went with Bluehost and signed up and got the discount with Heather and Pete Reese. They have a free WP Fast Launch if you sign up under them! I have had no bad incidences with Blue Host and I will not change! I highly recommend Blue Host and sign up under Heather and Pete Reese,

  5. I’ve been using GreenGeeks for about six months now since having consistently poor service from Inmotion for over a year and a half. Green Geeks has been amazing! Speed and up time are so much better. We’ve had to contact support several times (mostly user error stuff on my part) and always had super fast service (and they always get whatever the issue is taken care of right away).

  6. I would avoid any EIG owned company (which includes hostgator). All of the hosts have discounts and then go to regular hosting prices so be aware that wherever you transfer you’ll be dealing with the same issue in the next year or two.

  7. I’ve had HostGator for quite some time and haven’t had any issues except their customer service is terrible. I wanted to change this year to something that’s faster but time got the best of me. I renewed but hope to change by the end of the year and before renewals come again.

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