SiteGround Price Increase?


SiteGround Price Increase. SiteGround increased their hosting plan prices and lowered the new signup discount. Their basic plan is going to be priced at $6.69 and GrowBig plan will cost you $9.99/mo for a 12-month plan.
There is no doubt about their hosting plan best for newbies as they offer many premium features with top performance. But I feel for a beginner, this is going to be costly. What do you say?

Here is the new pricing structure for shared hosting.

SiteGround Price Increase

We all know that SiteGround is one of the best hosting for WordPress. I wanted to get your reaction to it.

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  1. I wouldn’t object to their price increase if I still received the excellent support I was getting before.I hope that with the increase they go back to the fabulous customer service they had (not anymore). Sadly I’m not that happy with them anymore and the the increase in price doesn’t reflect how they do business at the moment.
    I’m less worried about the price increase than the fact that their support service has plummeted almost to GoDaddy levels. I’ve had multiple disagreements with support staff who seem to not even understand whats going on within their company or fully understand their own company policies.
    I don’t “dislike” the new client dashboard they rolled out last year but there are a few confusing things about it. I’ve tried to point these out but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.
    For example, when I have a problem I sometimes want to just submit an email support ticket and get on with my work. But the SiteGround support service only gives TWO choices, 1. Make a phone call to a 1-800 number (do these even work for international?) or 2. Start a live chat conversation. It causes more lost time than I am happy about.
    In fact, I would say 80% of users can’t even FIND the live support option. It’s there. You just need to have Indiana Jones exploration skills to find it in their dashboard.
    My best suggestions will be Avoid shared hosting if you like playing with technologies and learn how to manage a vps. It’s a bit of a steep learning curve at first but worth it in the long run. You can get a good vps from vultr or linode starting at $5/mo.

  2. I have nearly 30 sites. I’m using Contabo. It’s a VPS, unmanaged. Not for the faint of heart but check out the specs.
    800 gigs SSD
    8 core
    30 gigs of ram
    for……. (wait for it)…… $18 a month lolz. It’s stupid.
    You have to install Linux yourself (but it’s easy)
    You have to manage the security of your own server (not easy). Like IP tablets a port changes.
    But it’s actually cool. You learn a lot. You up your game. You get pulled into the Linux community. You get insane specs of great prices, etc.
    I’m not even using cPanel. There’s a free and open-source alternative called Webmin that I like even more than cPanel. Once you get over the hump, there is no going back.

  3. What I find baffling is this continuous feeling that SG (and other hardcore fans) is telling it´s users: it´s not me is you…NO, It´s you. You have crappy service. The influx of clients: adapt or die, you are a company. More nontechie persons: then longer minutes/hours to answer them not break access with your clients and please use conditions: if a person has 20 sites, of course, they will contact you more than a 1 site person and maybe not even that but program something so you don´t cut off people that really need your help. I need something else, with this price and the past few month’s experience I´m done. I´ll even learn VPS or Linux or whatever just to getaway.
    I’m choosing to switch to between A2Hosting and NameHero from Siteground. But can you please advise how is the customer service of A2 and NameHero? Do they have support chat like siteground for not very much tech person?

  4. Downtime has been increasing lately, support not as good as it used to be. Wasn’t planning on renewing… the price isn’t the issue. Don’t care how much they charge if they deliver, but they haven’t been lately. I’d recommend Green Geeks I really liked Siteground – recommended them to clients because their support was awesome. 
    I signed up with Siteground in May for 3 years because I knew about their price increase after the first sign up promotion runs out. I love the new setup up without CPanel and all the options you have to make your site faster and more secure. Service is the same as with Inmotion so far, you can use a chat function and need to wait until it’s your turn nothing different to others. Let’s see who I will choose in 3 years:)
    I’m from Australia and this is just the normal price for here no change. I was going to sign up with them but find support is not there I don’t even have live chat now as they removed this option. With a GTMetrix score in 94%-98%, siteground upload time is still between 3-5 seconds which compared to what I see on the web is slow. I would love to know a good AFFORDABLE hosting company. Thanks

  5. Siteground has been a disappointment lately. Their new panel has constant issues, the support dropped to a GoDaddy level in some instances and now they increase the prices. I’ve been using it for a while and I brought many clients there, but when my current plan expires I will move away for sure.

  6. It’s been on my mind to research alternatives before my plan expires in November. Being non-techie excellent support is a must for me, the comments about that going to shits are not encouraging. I’m also not confident I can manage to move my sites and am feeling a little stuck.
    I’m thinking I’ll start tackling that in September. I’m still on SiteGround’s old cPanel set up where all my sites are essentially a subdomain of my main hosting account so one concern is I don’t know how I’m to move them separately. The other is I have redirects set up for some and they need to be moved too.

  7. This is my last month on the SiteGround cloud plan for 6 years. Moving everything over to Cloudways. I really like the Cloudways. The UI is super easy to use and the customer service is very responsive. I actually like their support better than SG. SG has went downhill that lasts 6 months or so.
    A regular priced GoGeek (come renewal time) was $420 a year and now it will be $480 a year and you still have limits on storage and bandwidth? No Thanks.

  8. And those new $6.99 a month customers will get access to live support while those of us with $200 cloud accounts get it taken away. Moving on from SG is high on my to-do list next month.

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