Siteground GoGeek vs InMotion Pro?


Siteground GoGeek ($29.95/month) vs InMotion Pro ($15.99/month)? Which one would you choose and WHY? I am currently on InMotion Hosting Power Plan (have not been using much). Would love to know if the higher SiteGround price is justified and what they have that InMotion does not. (customer support is great for both). Thanks!

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  1. SiteGround has great support so far and I have nothing to complain about performance. I like the pricing, they support LetsEncrypt out-of-the-box (free SSL certificate) and usually you get a pretty fast response from their team when needed.

    If you’re wanting one site for your own and do not intend to start building sites for others I think any of those except InMotion Pro would be fine. Each host has it’s little quirks and things they do their way. Blue Host is not what it used to be and I would suggest looking elsewhere. I’m not alone in that assessment.

  2. Go with BlueHost! You won’t regret it. I’m planning on getting an account with all the popular hosts and putting the exact same site on all of them to show load times. My BlueHost sites have been much faster than anything I’ve seen elsewhere and the price is right. Plus your backed by the industry leading hosting companies like Amazon, Google, DO, Vultr.

    Get BlueHost

  3. It’s my personal view that surveys of which host is better are really not helpful in the end. Everyone’s specific needs, skill set, business model, and budget create a fairly unique picture. Applying one person’s preference to another’s is not an accurate comparison. I would choose neither.

    Shared hosting doesn’t work for serious business websites. I recommend to use cloud servers via Cloudways or Kinsta. DNS at the host is not necessary when using a dedicated DNS service such as CloudFlare. Email doesn’t need to be hosted with the website host. A dedicated service for that is better. G Suite, for example. Security and stability is better in a cloud environment.

    The hosting industry is moving toward separation of services as the better solution but shared hosts don’t seem to get it. When email, DNS, and web hosting is at one service and on crowded (aka shared) servers it makes for a very bad day when that host has issues. Multiply that times the number of client sites you take care of and no low price offer makes it worth it.

    For Starter Site of My Clients Who Want Shared Hosting I Always Preferred InMotion Hosting Pro Plan.

    Besides good hosting  there are lot more check list to do for a professional website. You must have to choose a lightweight and faster WordPress theme In combination with a smart wordpress page builder an effective WordPress Caching Plugin   and most importantly a better WordPress Security Plugin if you do not like to edit htaccess for security purpose.

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