SEOPress Pro Vs Rank Math Pro?


SEOPress Pro Vs Rank Math Pro? Which is the best seo plugin for WordPress?

I am currently using SEOPress Pro but wonder if anyone has tried Rank Math Pro and what their experience has been like. Should I stick to SEOPress or is there a reason why I should try Rank Math SEO?

What are the main differences between SEOPress and Rank Math? I hear good stories about both, looked into them a bit and seems like Rank Math still has a lot of functionalities on the road map.

While it’s nice that Rank Math was free ( Rank Math Pro Just Launched), is there a downside using it? For example, how is the support? With SEOPress I would expect a certain level of support.

For anyone using Rank Math on a lot of sites, don’t you guys worry that one day they are going to charge for it and you suddenly have to pay? Moving to another SEO plugin would also cost a lot of time in this case. With SEOPress you are guaranteed that it will be $39 per year.

Are there other advantages/disadvantages between both solutions? Why would you prefer one over another? Please share about what you guys think.

SEOPress Pro Vs Rank Math Pro?
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Ali Akkas 5 months 2020-11-11T16:51:24+00:00 1 Answer 0

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    Yoast SEO doesn’t have a great reputation
    SEOPress is very popular too, has a free and paid version. Seems like a good deal.
    Rank Math seems bloated (but maybe I am wrong), the full plugin is 7MB big and has plenty of features.
    Slim SEO is free, not bloated and the full plugin is only 150KB. If I chose SlimSEO, it’s mainly because I am not an SEO Expert, I just want the bare minimum, with a little bit of control, without having a huge interface with millions of options I will never use.

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