OceanWP vs Astra vs GeneratePress?


OceanWP vs Astra vs GeneratePress? What are the pros and cons of Astra, Generate Press, and OceanWP? Has anyone tried all three that can offer a review, comparisons, strengths/weaknesses of the three?

OceanWP vs Astra vs GeneratePress
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    In the last few days, I am researching on generatepress theme. I really like the theme because it’s lightweight and functional. I try to research many websites but I didn’t find one answer. It this genesis theme will full support with dark mode plugin specialty Droit dark mode plugin?


    I’ve not tried OceanWP, only Astra and GeneratePress but I can say that Astra allowed me to develop a site far quicker than the same under GeneratePress. Less background CSS required and less time spent making it look good on mobile too. I’ve used GeneratePress once to mess around with it (not to create a full site), and I’ve used Astra to build out two sites now. I definitely love Astra, but it’s interesting to read others’ experiences. Thanks

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    I tried Astra but ended up using OceanWp and I LOVE IT. I didn’t feel comfortable with how Astra had the layout. I’m really used to the WP customizer, and Ocean makes great use of it. Also, something that bothered me at first, now I think is great. With Ocean Extra they have a LOT of small plugins that add features that if you don’t want, you don’t have to install, so it makes your site less bloated. And Nick, the developer is awesome, he’s always adding free stuff if you have the Ocean Extra. Also, it’s very affordable.
    Though I love the guys that make Astra. I used to have their Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and it worked GREAT. I might buy the same for Elementor.
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    Based on my own experience with all three themes…and from what I’ve read other people saying…I think they are all great themes. I would probably rank them: 1. GeneratePress. 2. Astra. 3. OceanWP. But they all will do pretty much whatever you want while working with Elementor.

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    I use GeneratePress because, if I remember correctly, Elementor team uses it in development. It’s lightweight and was faster to render then Astra or OceanWP last time I tested. Actually, I don’t use any of the theme features as I build everything in Elementor. Would be great if Elementor team would release Elementor Hello theme to the WordPress repo for all of us who don’t need any theme features. It would also be useful for troubleshooting.

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    They are themes you mention, not plugins.
    Personally I use a paid version of the GeneratePress theme with a free version the Elementor page builder. I find that to be a good combination allowing me to do just about anything I want straight out of the box.
    You have lots to learn, I imagine, to get the best out of them.
    It’s also good to use a little CSS code from time to time and you don’t need to be a coder. There are sites that give you snippets of code you can just copy and paste.

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    OceanWP vs Astra vs GeneratePress vs Neve:

    I’d share the review, but I am unsure if I can post links on here. perhaps admin can advise?”
    Yes, you can share it. Neve Theme is a very good choice, Astra also, and some other themes. but it’s up to your preferences. However, we adore Elementor and its simplicity in usage plus so many great features and addons. Toolset I tried to use but somehow we “didn’t get along” so I abandoned trying after some time.


    I’m a complete beginner. I signed up with Bluehost, which has WordPress pre-installed and managed for you. I then installed Astra as my base theme. It’s worked well. Then installed Elementor (free version) as my page builder. It’s been great with many Addons available and there are many videos showing you how to use it.
    I installed two free addons – Navbar menu builder and header-footer builder. These are needed unless you paid for the Pro Elementor. I also got Ninja Tables (my website is very data-driven. It’s ok but I’ll probably explore more powerful table plugins later). And I paid for jet elements for some extra widgets. Then I have just googled lots and listened to people in this group and watched lots of YouTube. It’s taken me about six weeks part-time and I’m just about ready to go live.


    Astra vs OceanWP vs GeneratePress:

    Generatepress now also offering Generate Sites so they do ha e pre-built demo sites, and they are adding more with time. Astra, on the other hand, offers a wide range of headers, widgets, layouts, and other elements that can get you started quickly.
    In my personal project, I use & recommend wpastra, good speed, good design, etc and custom layouts with page headers are great! Header and mobile still have to improve a lot, it is still very limited. Still very good woocommerce! has to improve but I trust that Astra will be much better.
    In my opinion, oceanWP is more complete! I have not yet stopped to analyze the generatepress but all this is good, for all of us.

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    I love and use Astra more than both GeneratePress and OceanWP. However, I have plenty of things I feel Astra really needs to step up on.
    First, support for GeneratePress is a gold standard. Tom puts loads of love into GeneratePress and he is unmatched. Astra is indeed slower than GeneratePress. I haven’t used the OceanWP support in a while, so can’t say how they compare right now.
    Next, despite all that Astra can do, it doesn’t feel as solid as GeneratePress. When I update, I have more fear than when I update GeneratePress. That doesn’t mean that Astra is super buggy or anything, but during their growth, I’ve had far more moments of having to fix things than I would like. For instance, when they kept messing with the headers, and every update kept breaking my custom headers, breaking compatibility with third party menu systems (since the Astra menus are not very good right now), etc. So I always feel a little apprehensive when I update.
    Don’t take my complaints the wrong way. I mean them constructively. If I didn’t like Astra, I wouldn’t be using it as a default. I don’t know that there is a “winner” of best theme, but I would certainly put Astra right up there in the top two or three, more as a tie than anything. There is a lot of potentials and the base framework is solid. And I’ll be here to watch it all unfold!
    No hard feelings, Generatepress is way better than Astra and oceanwp. No comparison to generatepress.
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    I don’t have Lifetime OceanWP but I must say that it’s a great theme and very customizable. If you have Elementor Pro, I think it’s the perfect choice for a theme, but Astra Pro (as I understand it) gives you better sitewide headers, footers, and archive page options if you don’t want to pay annually for Elementor Pro. In terms of flexibility, the best for me has been GeneratePress though.
    GeneratePress and OceanWP also expand on the original underscores theme by Automattic, while Astra is more OOP and seems harder to customize, as in code up code snippets in PHP. Any thoughts?
    Speed is important too and all three of these themes discussed are among the fastest out there. Or you could buy Oxygen Builder for $99 which doesn’t need a theme.


    I am very much a rampant fan of Astra. They’re pushing the boundaries of what free themes can do and bring so many positive vibes to the WP community. I speak of their shortcomings (in my humble opinion) with full confidence of them growing far beyond that. They’re catering perfectly to a WordPress niche of users and making many people very happy. Seriously…if you want a lean theme/framework for page builders, there aren’t as many options as you would believe and not many of them have a strong community around the theme aspect of it.


    Astra vs GeneratePress vs Divi vs Genesis: Which Is Better?

    I own Astra, GeneratePress, Divi, and Genesis. Between those, I personally believe Genesis is the best. The obvious issue is you have to dig into code if you want to use it, and it doesn’t work well with page builders out of the box.
    Speaking only from my personal experience, I’ve had fewer issues with GeneratePress than Astra. Using the customizer in Astra with Siteground hosting literally crashed my site by writing thousands of files to the “\wp-content\uploads\astra-addon” directory. I know that’s just one issue, that Astra support worked to address, but it’s also one more major issue than I’ve had with GeneratePress.
    Don’t get me wrong. I think Astra is an excellent theme, but I don’t think it’s many times better than GeneratePress. Perhaps one if marginally better than the other, but I genuinely feel the two are about as equal as two products can be.

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