Nginx vs. Apache vs. Litespeed for top security?


From 3 top web servers being Nginx, Apache, Litespeed or Openlitespeed

What can be the most secure configuration web server for high-traffic WordPress that is using a dedicated cloud server (no cPanel or panels)

and if I can not use WP Fence for the security plugin? please give your answer guys.

Litespeed vs. Nginx vs. Apache security rating for WordPress

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    Just read this and you will have the best understand afterwards.

    Definitely any developers who are looking to launch their own WordPress cloud server should be using Nginx for the cleanest/lightest configuration.
    Using Openlitespeed only makes sense for developers who want to play around with bleeding edge software that is unstable. If you are running a cPanel-ish type of shared hosting company you should use Apache or Litespeed premium, but using OLS is asking for conflicts and stability problems (and no open source community)… it’s mostly “trial-ware” for Litespeed.
    For high security and easy traffic scaling, use Nginx.
    Caddy is a new alternative to Nginx but it’s more for geeks and using Golang. Nginx has tons of free tutorials and easy to setup or customize if needed.

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