NameHero vs SiteGround – Which is Best for WordPress Hosting?


NameHero vs SiteGround – Which is Best for WordPress Hosting?

I’m thinking of switching to either Namehero or Siteground, for better customer service and faster loading speeds. I will be taking my customers and students with me and will be teaching about whichever one I choose, in my upcoming course.

I’ve been using c-panel, via GreenGeeks, so that’s what I know.
I’ve heard concerns about Site Tools on Siteground and not being able to have as much control with that, as with c-panel. Though I really like that each student would have their own access, to Siteground, and each domain would be completely independent.

Can I ask about your experience, if you’ve used both SG’s Site Tools and cPanel?

I would also like to know which you prefer, as a host, if you have used both Siteground and Namehero? I did read the comparison and it was thorough, but it was also composed before Siteground ditched the c-panel, I believe.
Please keep in mind that I know enough to find my way around and teach a course, but I’m not super techy. My students probably won’t be, either, as I’m marketing to healing arts professionals.

namehero vs siteground


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  1. Why Should You Choose NameHero For Web Hosting?

    Cpanel is included in their plans and it’s still the best hosting backend in my opinion plus Namehero has a site scanner to check for malware which I haven’t had with my other previous hosts. I highly recommend Namehero. Not as popular as Siteground but their customer service is top-notch. They haven’t failed to reply to any of my support tickets within 15 – 30 minutes, and they really are helpful in finding ways to solve your problem above and beyond what is required of them as a web hosting provider.

    NameHero reseller hosting review

    I’ve used both Siteground and Namehero and made the switch from Siteground to NameHero about a year ago, predominantly for reseller for my clients. If you’re hosting your clients I’d definitively go NameHero reseller. If they pay for their own either option is fine.

    NameHero Customer Support

    I’ve been extremely happy with NameHero, NameHero customer support and speed has been great. If you decide to go with NameHero I have an affiliate code I can send you (but I’d recommend them even if you don’t use it)
    Visit Name Hero Now

  2. I started three years ago on Siteground. They have huge marketing pushes on affiliates hence they are recommended so widely. I had issues, moved and site speed and issues improved. Since then I’ve taken on multiple clients using Siteground and they’ve all had issues.
    Recently I moved again and have found Kinsta to be a much better host for speed, reliability, and support. I’ve heard of others who rate 20i but to me, their pricing model concerns me – cheap hosting means they have to be scrimping somewhere IMO.
    Personally, I’d only look at WPXHosting

  3. I like A2 and SiteGround for shared. SG’s new dashboard is light years ahead of cPanel. Both have decent 24-hour turnaround support. (I don’t know if it’s 24-hour but it’s always a day for me).
    The big problem with SiteGround now (since the migration to Google Cloud) is the lack of PCI compliance (and their unwillingness to patch servers to become compliant). They’re no longer interested. So, if you’re running ecom expect to get audited by the gateway companies and sanctioned accordingly. Not worth it for ecom but for standard brochure type sites, SG is good. I’m looking at a dashboard company like GridPane or Cloudways to run Vultr.

  4. I’m seriously considering moving to Flywheel. They’re more expensive but from what I can see all security is done on the server saving the monthly security fees that if you are running a serious WooCommerce store you really should have in place.

  5. Honestly, bigscoots is way better than all with speed, features, and customer service. I’ve had namehero, siteground and bigscoots. I’d still prefer bigscoots. Customer support is great. They knew exactly what I needed to create a private storage server. Also speeds on par with the bigger names such as siteground. Try it you won’t be disappointed. Also if you’re doing ecom and using WordPress with woocommerce, use their VPS.

  6. If you have a woocommerce site, stay away from siteground shared hosting. Once your site gets to a certain traffic level you will regret it and be forced to move to their cloud hosting plans. Their cloud hosting plans are expensive. Go with cloudways which is equivalent to Siteground’s cloud plans but at a fraction of the cost. You will be on better servers and you will be able to scale your servers when you need to. 

  7. I started to use WPvivid for website backups. But the restore always fails. Any reasons you can think off? I am using Siteground and Namerhero. Maybe something related to the host limits? but do not know what!
    Solution: WPvivid advised I need to increase some limits in PHP. It was easy to do that with Namehero and the problem solved with their domains. Siteground rejected to increase the limits, so I decided to go with my plans to leave Siteground (increased prices and many limits).

  8. I use Digital Ocean for simple development and increase plans as necessary for each. Low volume traffic sites can be from $9 a month for 3 or 4. Speed is very good out of the gate too. No Cpanel though it’s the root, there are services out there that can integrate with digital ocean to do that. Otherwise, for pure WordPress only sites, I use WPX Hosting.

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