Namehero or GreenGeeks or FastComet for Small WooCommerce Site?


GreenGeeks or FastComet for Small WooCommerce Site?
Hello! looking for sub $10 / month hosting recommendations! That’s my clients budget at this time, so I’ve narrowed it down to Namehero, GreenGeeks or FastComet. What would be your pick?

This is a small WooCommerce site with 10 products and around 1000 – 2000 visitors a month with potential to scale. cPanel and an SSL necessary, but not email, and better to be hosted in the US.

Being from Europe I’ve no experience with the above companies so I want to be sure now to save headaches later… Was leaning towards FastComet, but am a bit put off by the lack of SLA and the new increases in renewal prices. Honesty and smooth service are the most important factors.

Thanks for any input!

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  1. TMD hosting is very comparable with NameHero as they also have shared cloud hosting. It might even be enough with the cheapest plan, but with the second cheapest cloud hosting I would not be worried until the shop grows a lot.

    But I would say they are the missing link between shared hosting and VPS. they provide better hosting than any shared hosting I have tried, but not good enough to replace VPS. Services and support both good, but there are limits even if the word Unlimited is used in the specification. As long as you don’t push the “unlimited” I would say it is a good choice.


  2. GreenGeeks:

    We have a reseller account through GreenGeeks and love it! Each account has its own cPanel, we can do domain registration, and white label billing (although I do billing through our CRM and reports through ManageWP). Their support team is awesome and plans are scalable depending on how many clients you take on, if sites have more traffic, etc. A2Hosting is also a good option (and we’re also transitioning to only taking on clients that agree to host with us; Network Solutions is a nightmare, among others, and bad hosting companies can seriously derail a project).


    We’ve switched our one reseller account over to NameHero from SiteGround, also using them as recommended shared hosting for client who wants to handle hosting by their own. They’ve got excellent customer support, good pricing, good speed. Most of sites have seen a 1s load speed improvement with litespeed and the respective cache plugin


    We have clients accounts with FastComet and love it so far! Customer service was absolutely top notch (even helped on Xmas?!) If what they say is really truly true about not raising prices after an intro rate as advertised, I’ll definitely recommend sticking with the.

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