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  1. Godaddy forever has lost my business for my domains have been with them since 1999. I was sent a final notice email that clearly stated ( renew now to save domain ) I click this button and it takes me to my renewals in my godaddy dashboard. I notice my domain is gone, so I argue with them over an hour that I should not be paying $80 redemption fee , that their email was false. Final Notice email said I have til March 27th and I click renew now and cannot renew. The domain date created on was 2-27 but I had transferred it to GoDaddy 3-27. They should credit me the $80 redemption fee if they cannot wave it, but they are refusing. I only kept my domains here so long cause they were all registered for 5 -10 years. Currently, I am transferring some of my domains to NameSilo and hope I enjoy their services. I have others at NameCheap and Never hosted at GoDaddy only domains. Hosting currently A2Hosting, SiteGround, HostGator
    ( friends there ) among others.
    godaddy wordpress slow loading

  2. I switched from GoDaddy a couple months ago to A2Hosting. A couple people recommended them in this group and you can get 3 years pricing at a really reasonable rate. Note-the trick with all the hosting companies is when you sign up you only get the best rate for the first year (or as long as you sign up for when you first sign and pay for) A2Hosting lets you pay for 3 years up front and get the best rate.


  3. Its tough on godaddy, but you can do some things to make it faster:
    – Install Tinypng plugin as mentioned above
    – Install a caching pluign like WP Rocket
    – Implement CDN

    My clients that use GoDaddy constantly have memory issues, even after upgrading their packages to the next level. Sometimes bumping up the memory in the user.ini file helps, but on some packages it doesn’t. Many have left for other hosting companies.

    GoDaddy is the worst in the whole universe. I know it hands down ! Move hosting ASAP. I had a client on the higher end managed WordPress plan, the WordPress backend was slow aside from the website. I Was Constantly getting disconnected from server errors and http 503 errors.
    Go daddy reps kept blaming word press and unspecified plug-ins to the client which was not the case and they would not own up that they have crappy servers. After moving the website to A2Hosting all the issues disappeared as expected.
    Get A2Hosting

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