MochaHost Review: Is MochaHost a Good Hosting for WordPress?


MochaHost Review: Is MochaHost a Good Hosting for WordPress?

I’m going to publish my book and it needs a digital area protected by a password or login page. That’s it. It doesn’t need to be indexed (i have my own brand and I will link it to this book in my main site). It just needs 3-4 plugins and I expect a small number of visitors, around 1000 per month.

So, even if I like SiteGround a lot, I was kinda looking for something cheaper since this project is very, very small.

Do you have any suggestions for cheap hosting with decent performances? I still want it to have a decent loading time 🙂

I am almost convinced by MochaHost Hosting. What do you think about it? Has anyone ever tested it?

MochaHost Reviews. Is MochaHost a Good Hosting for WordPress
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  1. I have been with Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, TMD Hosting, Mochahost, and Siteground and all of them have bad bots hits. All website get hit by bots, the question is, did the other hosts count the bots hits as traffic and then shut down your site because you were using too many resources?

  2. I tried siteground, mochahost, and site5, none of them get what I need tbh. Just cheap, good and support can be reliable. I am learning front end and back end development for web design and app development and I am going to set up a small agency. Do you think cloudways is best for that? I read many articles and the limited applications put me off so I want to know if you or anyone else know this.

    I think learning the basics of hosting would be a good first step as someone wanting an agency. It’s so much easier to test these systems yourself once you know what to actually test. Too many people will lead you astray online.

    Cloudways has blazing fast servers. If your sites are cacheable, cloudways is very hard to beat. Dynamic sites like woocommerce won’t do well on a single core server from any provider, however, they need a little more power. I have hundreds of sites on CloudWays for clients for reference.

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  3. I learned my lesson years ago, avoid cheap hosting, because you get what you pay for. If you had to do a ton of research including “cheap web hosting”, stay away. Go with a reputable company for your reseller, because you will have much better results for you and your clients.

    Get KnownHost For WordPress

  4. I used Mochahost a few years ago for a site for a local band – unfortunately, within a week of adding WooCommerce and about 6 products, I started getting emails from them saying that the site was using too many resources and would be disabled if it continued. Moved the site to SiteGround soon after.


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