MochaHost Alternative: Best Budget Shared Hosting?


MochaHost Alternative for Best Budget Shared Hosting? Used NameCheap stellar plus, but most of the time site went down. 2GB, 600k Inodes. Now trying MochaHost, mocha plan. That does also not seem good. Most of the time CPU usage touched 100, and here RAM is also 4GB, unlimited inodes. Don’t know how they track. Might be wrong or fake.

MochaHost Alternative for Best Budget Shared Hosting
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    Cloudways is the best alternative of MochaHost for low budget WordPress Hosting. It’s very fast and it’s not expensive.

    CoudWays Features:

    • No Cpanel, very easy to manage with their panel.
    • Very fast WordPress hosting.
    • free SSL
    • ram 1GB
    • space 25 GB
    • Inodes 1,632,000

    This is for the smallest plan, everything can be upscale easily and above all – very fast hosting.
    I just suggested the lowest plan. If you need 2/4/8 GB Ram, you just need to choose that plan. I don’t know how much you pay now. I just suggesting a very fast hosting in my experience. If you have problems with your current server. I can show you, for free, how YOUR site will be in the Cloudways server, and you will see the differences and it will help you decide. Don’t forget that currently, your server is not good for you maybe you don’t need such a big server based on the viewers you have in a month.

    CloudWays Pricing:

    2GB RAM with 50GB space is $22/month 4GB RAM with 80GB space is $42/month (and this is before discounts) but how many viewers do you have in a month because people think they need a large server where they don’t I had a client with 3GB Ram and 4 CPU server and after I showed him that he can have better results with a 1GB Ram and 1 CPU server, he switched hosting.
    so maybe you don’t need a 4GB server, maybe you can have just 2GB.

    Get CloudWays

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