MemberPress Vs MemberMouse vs Restrict Content Pro vs Wishlist Member?


MemberPress Vs MemberMouse vs Restrict Content Pro vs Wishlist Member? Any suggestions for a good membership plugin? Must be able to protect paid content for paid subscribers only. Bonus points if it works with WooCommerce.

I want some functions:
– Customers can save their wishlist and see it in My Account.
– Receive some news product information and new post.
– Membership base on their spending.
– Track their orders.
– Can chat with support if possible.

I am looking for a reliable, not bulky, membership plugin with a payment gateway (PayPal/Stripe) for one of my sites where I want to implement a subscription model. I appreciate your suggestions.

I use the User Role Editor free plugin. I add a new role and set the capabilities the same as the customer role. I tested with Advanced Coupons and it shows on the user restriction option.

Note: I tried several membership plugins such as simple membership and ultimate membership, the member role I created did not show on the user restriction option. Hope it helps if you need to achieve this condition.

Any recommended woocommerce plugin to create membership roles? I just need to create a specific customer member role to integrate with the advanced coupons plugin. Woocommerce membership I think it is too expensive.

MemberPress Vs MemberMouse vs Restrict Content Pro vs Wishlist Member
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    Paid Memberships Pro has worked great for me. You can take payments through Paid Memberships Pro, but I prefer to make products in Woocommerce that then grant certain membership levels. You can set an expiration date on the membership level, after which they have to renew to have continued access. You can also use LifterLMS for this. It is free but their add-on for checkout with Woocommerce is $99 a year. Would also allow you to do online Courses and gated Webinars and such.
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    I use wishlist member plugin. It works quite well. You just build pages in the Avada builder. And protect it by selecting the membership that allows users to see it. It has dripping option. You can automate content distribution to your users.
    Visit Wishlist Member Site


    Why I use MemberPress

    1. Trusted and known developer
    2. Associate anything to a Membership (Tags, Categories, Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types, etc..) + Concurrent Memberships
    3. Reliable Payment Gateways and Free Options + One Time options + Subscription Options
    4. Content Drip
    5. Superfast Support
    6. Payment Processing
    7. Autoresponder integration
    8. Easy to use interface/user management
    9. Access levels and access conditions/content blocking

    When I was looking for a membership plugin MemberPress seemed to be the only one that didn’t assume you wanted levels of membership. My use is for blended learning so each member is to support a different live course so I needed free memberships with restricted access. I wish they would make achieving that easier, but otherwise, it’s flexible once you get your head around it.

    MemberPress WordPress Membership Plugin


    Kajabi Vs. MemberPress

    That is really a self-hosted (WordPress + MemberPress) vs, hosted Kajabi SaaS. WordPress is way more customizable and cheaper. WordPress does come with more technical responsibility and it can be harder to drive and learn because it is way more flexible and powerful. 
    I am literally making the switch from Kajabi to MemberPress as we speak! I am in the Membership Academy and am working through the training there. I’m not super techy but it’s been painless so far!
    I use the Astra theme so it’s looking quite nice. And Memberpress has great features because it is designed for memberships. 
    You can use Elementor to design the pages. Memberpress takes care of things like a link to your payment processor, automated emails (e.g. when people join, leave, suspend their membership), setting up taxes (which is important for me as I charge sales tax to people in my own country but not people from other countries), etc.
    I tried Kajabi for a few months and it was great for getting set up quickly and testing out the concept and seeing that there is a demand for what I’m offering. But it’s too restrictive for me and I figure if I’m paying that much then it needs to do everything rather than me needing additional subscriptions. But a lot of people love Kajabi so it comes down to personal preference.
    MemberPress gives you more options and it’s less expensive


    Restrict Content Pro vs Paid Membership Pro

    I own both products and have been asking myself the same question for a possible project. My conclusions based on my research:
    RCP is great for a quick solution. Their support is good, their docs are good. It really is a brilliant, polished, and mature product. Does everything it says on the tin, and backed by a mature company with a good rep.

    RCP support is very reluctant to help with programmatic customizations.
    PMP is better if you need more customization. ie, features that don’t come out of the box. The developers and the community are enthusiastic about helping developers bend the product to their own will. PMP is also a polished and mature product.

    Get PMP Pro


    S2Member and DIVI

    I have had issues with S2Member and DIVI with shortcodes in certain modules. They would display the shortcode text even when surrounding it in a code wrapper. Some shortcodes in a simple text module seem to work, but shortcodes controlling the display of multiple modules, no go. If you’re just doing simple password-protected posts or pages, it’s no problem.


    Membersonic – multiple sites with one license, membership levels (including a free level), automatic payment processing/login, the ability for a member to change forgotten password, tagging for tracking which products/assets in membership area used the most


    Been with DigitalAccessPass since 2012 – Support is a must and they have stepped up when I needed them. Continual new features are being added all the time.


    No one is using Ultimate Member? Heard it was better than Memberpress (lighter, more flexible, more feature-packed). Yes, I’ve used it for the Elementor-based site. It does exactly what my client wanted.


    What is the best hosting for a WordPress membership site?

    There’s always a chance when plugins are updated that something could break. I don’t know if they check this and fix it. How far back are their backups? If you get hacked you might have to go back farther than a couple of months to restore a clean version I’ve always heard.
    I’m tech-savvy enough to do my own updates — I use wordfence to monitor it for me and another service to know which updates are vulnerabilities. So I like the control of doing it all myself.
    If you just need a host with decent infrastructure then WPX Hosting is a safe bet.
    WPX Hosting has Good Support and extremely stable.


    MemberPress vs Paid Memberships Pro?

    I started out using the paid version of paid membership pro. It was ok. It didn’t work the way I wanted it to. It is always updating but it seems thrown together and wouldn’t do what I wanted.
    MemberPress just seems to work right out of the box. Don’t skimp on good plugins. Make the investment. What you save in money will cost you time and money later.
    I’ve used both for my membership site, and I find MemberPress is easier. The big difference for me is that paid membership pro only supports levels of the same membership, a member can’t have multiple concurrent memberships. Paid membership pro has more gateways, especially international gateways that other plugins don’t have. Another plugin that has a lot of international gateways is WooCommerce Memberships
    Memberpress is the most popular WordPress membership plugin


    What’s the best free membership plugin that has integration with the Stripe payment gateway?

    The free version of Paid Memberships Pro has a Stripe gateway included. It’s pretty good. I wouldn’t call it the “best”, but I can’t think of anything else that’s both free and includes Stripe. s2member has integration with Stripe, but I think it is only with the paid version (which is just a one-time purchase though).
    Get Paid Membership Pro
    If you looking for the most flexibility and power you should look at using WooCommere with LMS like LiftterLMS or LearnDash.


    The best WordPress membership plugin

    I use a membership plugin called paid memberships Pro I can restrict Pages based on their membership and I just linked to the pages however I like they can only see the ones they have access to.

    How to make a welcome page on paid membership pro

    Create a section with three columns add images as the column backgrounds and add the icon element and a link to the right page. If they are a member they go to the page if they are not they go to the changing membership or purchase page – whatever you have set up.
    Using the – see this or that method based on membership should be able to be done using the pm pro shortcodes to show or hide elements based on membership but I’d have to play with it to see exactly how to best use them.

    How do you wrap an image widget inside a shortcode?

    go to templates and create a single template based on each membership. I would use the shortcode widget element whatever you call it to enter the shortcode for each member section between the member blocking shortcodes. Then each member would see the template that applies to their membership.
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