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I have had some extreme problems with a godaddy shared hosting plan in the past but now that I have tried tons of other hosts I am considering going back to godaddy managed hosting. It’s affordable, the company isn’t going anywhere, they just acquired managewp. So I am thinking why not – what do you guys think?

godaddy-managed wordpress hosting review

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  1. I always recommend users to use VPS instead of anykind of Shared or Managed WordPress hosting. Major security functions are updated using System files and in order to do on Shared Hosting its like you keep on asking them to do and still they will take lot of time.

    People use GoDaddy like shared hosting because its cheap. In the end you get what you pay for. I always try and convince clients to spend a little extra on hosting.

    Their wp managed hosting is targeted to beginners, but down that reason it should have BETTER security built in. But I have had few issues with my clients that have chosen to be on Go daddy. Aside from older cPanel hosting needing to update to pho 7.0. I have found their tech support often more them adequate when I needed to figure something out. The sales guys are too pushy often tho. But everyone should have wordfence or Ithemes Security Pro.

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  2. Well, I manage about 50 sites…a handful of those are on GoDaddy. They get around 88% uptime vs 99.9 for my SiteGround hosted sites. That’s awful. The performance is so bad and their security is questionable. Their customer support is pretty amateur as well. I’m not stoked they acquired ManageWP, but I’ll stick around until I have a reason to leave. My opinion, you can’t beat SG.

    Going to GoDaddy is a huge mistake and only amateurs use it. Professionals use Siteground or A2Hosting. These two hosting companies the best. Also avoid HostGator.

  3. I used Godaddy for years on 100+ sites. I kept hearing how awesome Siteground was but dreaded moving everything. I’m sooo glad I did My sites load so much faster and the constant security hacks I was dealing with before have for the most part stopped. I only wish I made the swap sooner.

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