Managed WordPress Vs Regular Unmanaged Shared Hosting?


Correct me if I’m wrong but It seems misleading for hosting companies to name their WordPress Hosting as “Managed”. Just because they have some server-side security, backup, and update tools, that’s not the same as true managed WordPress where a company does all the maintenance tasks for you.

 Managed WordPress Vs Regular Unmanaged Shared Hosting

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    Managed hosting is confusing, simply because everyone wants to be considered a “managed WP host” these days, but many don’t want to put in the work or dedicate the resources to do it.

    What is managed WordPress hosting?

    Managed WordPress hosting is a service where web hosting company do all the technical aspects of running WordPress. This includes website security, speed optimization, WP updates, backups and uptime monitoring. But True Managed WordPress is going above and beyond, plugin consultation, installation, and configuration. Performance tuning via plugins. Continual monitoring of errors and investigating them. Performance monitoring using APDEX. Access to a dedicated representative. Providing technical solutions. Theme maintenance. Basically being more involved and providing more technical direction.

    It depends on company to company. The ‘Managed’ needs to be defined by them i.e what all they cover in the management. Few companies go extra mile and even optimise the customer database and caching mechanism as per their website.

    Difference between managed and unmanaged hosting:

    Managed hosting means that you are not managing your own server, which has its own configuration, updates, security, etc completely separate from your or anybody else’s website. But then again you have to think about the audience and what THEY think and expect it to mean, and that’s where it gets fuzzy. Because you can update a plugin or a theme, and suddenly the whole site breaks because of something custom. A web host should not be on the hook for that. If that is what you need, you are looking for a WordPress website maintenance service. And there are many of those out there as well, and some hosts who do that in addition to their managed hosting.

    Managed WordPress Hosting do all of the maintenance work for you, even if they don’t directly host your site. So they do updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins. Make sure everything functions ok afterwards. They do backups of your site. They install security plugin and monitor security and uptime. That’s the “true managed WordPress” in my opinion. With the big company hosts claiming “managed hosting” you’d still have to do most if not all of that work yourself.

    Best Managed WordPress Hosting:

    My recommendation is Cloudways on Vultr for $11. I previously had a Cloudways DigitalOcean server, and have found the Vultr server performs better. That said, while a great service, Cloudways doesn’t have email by default, but are affordable add-ons.

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